How to Dream Big but Manage Expectations

Perspective in building residual income. 1, 3, 5 and 7 year expectations. The balance between dreaming big and managing expectations can be very tricky!

The Fortune Is In The Follow Up


Many of us focus so much on the approach, but for whatever reason we don’t follow up–or don’t follow up as well as we should. On the other side of the coin, some may follow up way too much to the point of being overbearing. Finding a balance in the “follow up” is very tricky in Network Marketing.

Each person who struggles with the follow up has a different reason. Some might mess up by not getting a firm commitment for a follow up.  Others just prejudge their prospects, thinking their is no way they’ll be interested.  Some of you may even be scared to follow up while others may just be lazy. Whatever the reason, failing to follow up can derail even the best of leaders.


I can’t tell you how many MLM’s I’d been called about where I was somewhat interested but they never followed up with me. It happened in all 11 MLM meetings I went to. Had the person who approached me been better at following up, there is a decent chance that I may have joined one or two of those companies. But since no one ever followed up with me, I never got involved any further.


Here is some insight.  If you truly believe in what you are doing then you will follow up!  You can tell your prospect how passionate you are,  you can tell them how confident you are–but it doesn’t work unless you actually show it.

Think about it.  If you truly have something that you feel would be a benefit for your prospect you will follow up.  If you don’t, then you won’t.  At least that’s what your prospects will think. People aren’t following your knowledge. Above all else they are following your vision and commitment.


So the first point:  When you are following up with a prospect, don’t start out by asking questions.  Don’t ask, “So what do you think about this new venture?”  “What questions do you have?” Don’t say anything like that.

GET THEIR INTEREST BACK up before you ask questions. Now why would I say that??  On a scale 1 to 10, let’s just say a prospect is at 7 when they meet with you.  When you call back who knows where their head is at.  They could have had a friend bad mouth network marketing.  They could have read some nonsense on the Internet.  They could just have cold feet and massive fear.  You must empower the prospect and build their belief back up before you ask questions! I say that because once someone says “no” they will defend that position to the death. Once they say they aren’t interested, THEY ARE GONE!! Get their interest high before you ask questions!


Use a 3 way call.  Get them on a business overview call. Get them to an event. Get with them face to face.  Anyone of those options are helpful in building back their interest. If they live in your area build back their belief with your passion for the business.  Empower them and then get with them face to face.  This business used to be mostly done knee to knee, face to face.  Nowadays many try to take short cuts with technology. Technology has a purpose and can give you more leverage but there is still value in face to face meetings when at all possible. There is no substitute for building real relationships.


Take charge and tell people what to do! This is such an important principle.  Our whole lives we have been told what to do.  In school we are told what to do by our school teachers.  When we were younger our parents told us what to do. Then most of us get a job where we’re told what to do.  Our whole lives we’ve been told what to do.  Taking charge doesn’t mean you have to rude to someone or overbearing.  It is a principle of leadership.  People want to find leaders not followers.  And leaders KNOW what they want and where they are going!! If you are not that leader in this business then this is the one of the reasons for using a 3 way call. In the meantime practice becoming that person.

So again on the follow up call I would take charge.  I would remind them why THEY are interested and why THEY want to be apart of your business venture.  I would remind them why you’re excited to do this with THEM. I would talk as if they ARE going to do it.  CONFIDENCE and PASSION are vital to the follow up.  I can’t stress enough how being unsure will kill the follow up with so many prospects. If you’re already on board and still unsure, someone without the whole vision will definitely be unsure!


First off don’t leave more than one message.  I call from a different number and or text. If they haven’t called back you can use *67 and call from a blocked number.  If you still can’t get a hold of them after a few days I would leave what I have named “the callout” message.  Which is this “I am sure you have been way busy because you haven’t gotten back to me, which is unlike you.  I hope everything is alright.  Call me as soon as you can regardless of where your interest level is at.”  Now when they do call back, remember what we said before: Don’t ask or let them tell you where they are at until you first take charge and build back their belief system.


The next insight I would give for any follow up is posturing.   You don’t want to ever beg anyone to be a part of your business. With that said I have seen network marketers go the extreme where they posture themselves as huge leaders that act like they don’t need anyone. It makes them treat others with no value or importance and can come off as pure arrogance.  Another form of posturing is called the takeaway–where the strategy is that if you posture like the business is so big by taking it away (telling them it’s probably not for them) from others they will be more interested. I agree with this strategy to an extent except sometimes we take that so literally we take away the business before they even have a clue of what we are doing.  Meaning they don’t even know what it is you are doing.  You can not take away what you haven’t given them yet. So make sure that before you take it away you have at least given them what the gist of the business is.


Just because the average person will probably take multiple exposures before they sign up doesn’t mean that you have to expect that every time. Each prospect is an individual and unique. Don’t prejudge. The first company that I joined, I signed up the first time I saw the business.  Some will immediately understand what you are offering, some won’t.  One of your goals is to see where they are and get them going As Soon As Possible.  However fast that is.  For some it may be quick and for others it may take a long time. In the meantime the goal is to give your prospect as many exposures as possible. Keep focusing on getting your prospect more and more exposures.


I also want to give some last insight. You won’t be perfect and may be awful in your initial follow ups. Who cares?!! Everything worthwhile takes practice. Laugh it off. Figure out your mistakes. Get better and take action again. Massive action solves all fears. Walt Disney says, “The best way to get started is to start doing.”

Most of all, in any part of the process–ALWAYS MAKE IT FUN!  Joke around with your prospects. It is easier for someone to want to do what you are doing IF YOU ARE HAVING FUN WHILE YOU DO IT. Everyone naturally gravitates to happy and positive people. Be that leader and they’ll follow you wherever you’re going.

The Art of Recruiting

mtng2Recruiting really is an art.  There really isn’t anything that is so profound you wouldn’t think that it’s common sense.  The hardest part is putting it all together.  The details, communication, psychology and flow of recruiting make all the difference.  First you need to assess how much time you have to meet.  Some meetings you have to go through the whole recruiting process in 30 min.  Other meetings you have a full hour.  Manage your time wisely.  I am grateful for the opportunity I have had to spend countless hours around 2 of the best recruiters I know in Lance Conrad and Lon Wardrop.  A vast amount of this info comes from observing these two great leaders mixed with my personal experiences.

Build Trust

Get to know your new acquaintance.  No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.  Yes it’s cheesy but it is also true.  Find out his/her likes and hobbies.  Find common ground and relate in a real way.  Don’t be that guy or gal that is the suck up trying too hard.  We all know the suck up who agrees with everything that is being said.  We all know the suck up who comes off as fake.  Share some of your hobbies.  Open up a little bit.  People love working with someone they feel is a good person.  Find common ground and build on that.

Find hot buttons

During your initial conversation you should be able to start finding his/her hot buttons.  What makes him/her tick?  What drives him/her?

Tell your story in a credible way

Relaxed intensity should be you the entire meeting.  Don’t be over anxious.  Show confidence not arrogance.  If you have done something great share it.  Don’t be shy.  Just share it in a way that comes off as confident not arrogant.  For example I tell people that I did x,y and z as accomplishments but follow it up with, “the better I get the more I learn that I can always learn more.”  Never become a victim!  Don’t start blaming others for past failures.  Regardless of if it is someone else’s fault no one likes being around a whiner.  Turn your negative experiences into positive ones.

Sidenote – Ideally you will have someone else that properly edifies you before your meeting or during your meeting.  If that has been done you will be able to give a shorter version.

Sell the vision

Why would they be interested?  How is it a fit for your prospect?

There are 2 questions everyone asks themselves that you must answer very clearly

Can I do what is required?

Is is worth it?

You see he/she may feel like they can do what is required but then the bigger question comes into play.  Is it worth it?  Good recruiters know how to paint a vision that others want to be apart of.  Stephen Covey said, “leadership is communicating to others their worth and potential so well that they see it in themselves.”  Fit the prospect into the puzzle!

Validate with another voice

It doesn’t matter if you are recruiting your best friend or family member.  At some point (the sooner the better) you always want validation from another voice.  It is a principle that works.  I had to learn the hard way.  After having massive success recruiting I thought I could do it on my own without validation.  I got my butt kicked and quickly went back to the basics with third party validation.

The Close

Ask what intrigues he/she the most and what would be the biggest hurdles.  As you start reading people better and better you will handle most of the objections during the presentation.  Take your prospects favorite parts that you pitched and focus more on those than overcoming obstacles.  Focus 90% of your time on solutions.  10% on obstacles.  Once you have done this ask your prospect on a scale 1 to 10 (10 being the highest for interest) what is their interest level.  If your prospects interest level is a 7 or above on a scale 1 to 10 they are typically wanting to be closed.  They want you to simply take charge and tell them what to do.  If you don’t then you are creating doubt.  If you are sure about whatever it is you are pitching then they will be more confident about it.  If you are unsure then they will be more unsure.  When I say take charge and tell people what to do that doesn’t mean to be overbearing.  If you say it with the right tone and invite he/she to be closed it almost never comes off wrong.  (This is very basic on the subject of the close.  I could and will probably spend an entire article on the psychology of the close).

Have follow up meeting/call setup before leaving

Don’t ask questions right away on the follow up.  For example I wouldn’t call someone up and say, “so are you in?”  First build back belief and remind them why he/she was interested.  Then after you do so you should ask questions.

Amateurs convince experts sift and sort

Recruit without hype.  That doesn’t mean you can’t sell a dream.  You should always be selling dreams and hope.  Just balance it with the reality and averages.  Then empower others they can be better than the average person.  They can be great but that depends on them.  Challenge them and ask them in a world of so many people just trying to get by what is going to make you different?

Sidenote – There should be one main voice in a meeting.  Too many voices jumping in all of the time makes the message complicated and less powerful.  Yes there is power in validation but make sure validation comes at the appropriate time.

Gen Y Marketing is Not Just the Future

Gen Y, Millennials or even Gen C (connected) are the same group called by different names.

They were born in the 1980s and ’90s—roughly those now between the ages of 18 and 34 (though experts disagree on the precise time frame).  I was born in 1980 so depending on the exact dates I am the very oldest of this younger generation.


 We are everyone’s future but we aren’t just the future.  We are also the present.  By next year (2014), millennials will account for 36% of the U.S. workforce and by 2025, they will account for 75% of the global workplace. [U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics / The Business and Professional Women’s Foundation].  If you don’t know much about them you are missing out and will eventually be left behind.  There are some staggering statistics about this generation.

MISUNDERSTOOD – This generation is very misunderstood. What comes off as aspirational and just plain narcissistic is really just a reflection of millennials’ desire to make a big impact on and improve the world.  I am not denying my generation being narcissistic.  I am only saying that it is misunderstood.  Yes there are millions of selfie pic’s on social media.  Yes we are a vain generation.  Many times with those type of attributes we are considered selfish but we also have huge hearts and are very misunderstood.  Many times because we are narcissistic we are thought of as the generation who only cares about ourselves.  That is far from the truth. 84% of this generation says that helping to make a positive difference in the world is more important than professional recognition. [Bentley University’s Center For Women And Business].  It isn’t just about the money we want a cause.  81% of us have donated money, goods or services. [Walden University and Harris Interactive].  Look at the famous shoe brand called Toms.  Buy a pair and one pair is donated to those in need.  That very concept is what my generation is about.

ASPIRATIONAL – Last year, a record 81% of college freshmen said that being wealthy was very important to them—double the amount of students who said so in 1966, according to an annual nationwide survey by UCLA’s Higher Education Research Institute.  A recent survey of millennials using freelance job board Odesk found that 62% planned to quit their regular job within two years. That’s not surprising considering that overall, millennials stay with a company only two years on average, compared with five years for Gen X and seven years for baby boomers, according to Millennial Branding.  Jobs aren’t satisfying to my generation like they were to previous generations.  We want the possibility of greatness.  We are ok making less if we have the opportunity to potentially make more.  We want to see what we are capable of and we don’t settle.

We Need The Direct Sales Industry

Just 6 in 10 Millennials have jobs, half are part-time [Harvard University].  Median net worth fell 37% between 2005 and 2010. [U.S. Census].  Average student carries $12,700 in credit-card and other kinds of debt. [The Daily Beast].  In the Direct Sales industry generally there is no discrimination to age, race or gender.  Everything is based on performance giving us an opportunity to make what we feel we are worth.  48% of Millennials who say word-of-mouth influences their product purchases more than TV ads. Only 17% said a TV ad prompted them to buy. [Intrepid]  We are the connected generation.

genycellWHY DIRECT SALES IS A FIT FOR US The Younger Generation – 69% believe office attendance is unnecessary on a regular basis [Cisco].  Ummm perfect because direct sales typically gives you that flexibility.  35% of employed Millennials have started their own business on the side to supplement their income . [Iconoculture].  Isn’t direct sales a great way to leverage starting your own business?  You are much more likely to be successful in direct sales than starting your own business.  90% say being an entrepreneur is a mindset instead of the role of a business owner [Millennial Branding / oDesk].  46% of Gen Y wants to start a business in the next 5 years. [Employers Insurance].  54% either want to start a business or already have started one. [Kauffman Foundation].  What does all this mean?  We are entrepreneurial.  We think big and VALUE TIME.  In other words Direct Sales is more than appealing.  Direct sales is a fit for us from an entrepreneurial, lifestyle and potential income standpoint.  It also is the present and future for who to market to from a consumer standpoint.  By 2015, their annual spending is expected to be $2.45 trillion and by 2018, they will eclipse boomers in spending power at $3.39 trillion. [Oracle].  Now is the time to shift your strategy and start to think about the younger generation.

In conclusion companies need to stop making a SMALL part of their company focus on us.  They need to start investing in us because we are quickly taking over the workplace!  We are the present and the future.

Who Wants to be That Crazy Network Marketer and Annoy Everyone?!?

How do you have posture; showing enough confidence but not arrogance???  Showing true confidence by being yourself and not fake??  Stating your intentions in a direct way without throwing up on the prospect with too much info??  Creating urgency without chasing??  Balance balance balance.  We listen to calls, go to meetings and even read books to fine tune our skill set.  To pick up little insights that will give us more vision and enable us to pass that vision onto others.
Most people think that either they have to annoy all their friends and family to succeed in Network Marketing or they won’t succeed.  You don’t have to be in the NFL to succeed. For those of that think the NFL is the National Football League it isn’t. In our industry the NFL would be the No Friends League.
I believe that there is a way to respectfully approach all of your family and friends so that you don’t become that annoying MLMer.
I heard a leader say this once, “all I talk about is (she named her mlm company).  All my friends are only from my mlm company because my other friends know that I am going to keep dripping on them about my company until they do it.”
Really??!!! Now wonder so many people don’t even want to talk to us!! Be a real person. Amateurs convince experts sort. Your job is to get your prospects to take a close look.  Your goal is to make sure that they at least KNOW what you are doing to make some sort of an educated decision. Then whatever decision they make is their choice.
Moving on to the topic of posturing, let me give a personal example. I just ran into a friend randomly.  This friend was approached about several years ago by someone in my organization.  His first question was, “are you still doing that MLM thing??”  I said yes.  It isn’t a job.  It is my lifestyle.  This guys name is John.  John said, “really?” I could never do that kind of thing.  I quickly told him it isn’t for everyone.  Only the willing.   I know how to teach you and anyone for that matter to do Network Marketing as a business.  I also can teach you a way to do it where you won’t lose any friends or family.  Most companies don’t know how to do that.  By the end of the 3 min conversation John said to me that he was leaving to go do sales for the summer but that when he got back he wants to explore doing Network Marketing as his future because residual income is what he has been looking for.
Now I don’t know if he will really sign up.  The point is this.  All of you have the tools to do this business and can say what I said in your own words.  You don’t have to have had massive success to say what I said.  I walked and talked just like I do now after a few days in the business.  Of course you learn more as you go but I kept it simple, passionate and confident.  If you don’t have confidence in yourself then don’t make yourself the issue.  Find something that you do have confidence in like the company and the leadership.  The next important part of that story is this…..  You can’t take away something you haven’t given them. I hear this all the time.  I just took the business away from them because they didn’t seem interested.  Of course there comes a point where that is the best strategy but all too often we take something away from prospects that don’t even know what it is we have to offer.  So posturing isn’t acting so cool that you act like you don’t care about them.  It is a balance.  Have your prospect get on a launch call (which is an introduction to the business), go to a meeting or get on a 3 way call.  Be careful to not sift too early and make sure that as you sift through prospects that YOU GET REFERRALS. In the story about John I was short in conversation, confident, let him know he could do this business.  I let him know I would love to work with him but I didn’t sound desperate.  I didn’t come off as arrogant like I make so much money that he didn’t matter.  What I did is I postured with an attitude that Network Marketing works and it will work for him if he is willing!
The next piece of advice that I have is this…
Call all your friends that said NO. Ask how they are doing without mentioning Network Marketing. When someone says no to you give them a follow up call just to be a real person and let them know there are no hard feelings by your actions.  People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.  BUILD THE RELATIONSHIP WITH PEOPLE is not an easy topic.  Some interpret that as, I have to talk with my prospects X amount times before I can mention my business.  Others don’t care and go the other extreme only interested in taking one’s money and their intentions are clear which will turn the prospect off.
Like I said, the balance on this topic isn’t an easy thing to do.  There is no set way.  There is no systematic way with people.  Every person is different and every relationship is different.
Always clearly state your intentions
That isn’t easy.  From your standpoint you want to make money off this individual but you also want to help them make money.  Neither is wrong and both are important.  I always let my prospect know why this is the best business plan on the planet.  In this business we make more money if our prospects make more money so we are incentivized to work as teams. The greatest part is your organization has the opportunity to make more money then you do!!!  If that doesn’t make sense to you then please talk to one of your leaders.  It is called geometric growth.  Each distributor who comes in has the opportunity to make more money then the person who sponsored them and in fact they have the opportunity to make more money then every single person in their upline.
The next bit of advice is FACEBOOK.  As always, don’t take just take my advice.  Each leadership team will have a little different perspective.  Whatever they tell you is RIGHT.
I have never heard anyone who has had massive success from postings on Facebook.  Status updates like, do you want easy money, call me if you want to make money and business is so good are so cliche and overused they make people want to run the other way. They don’t help you sponsor the leaders; which is who we are all looking for. If you know of someone that has had success through postings on Facebook it is a lucky exception and WILL not duplicate properly.   Remember what works in our business is what duplicates.  Sure many of the leaders in your company may post stuff about their business but they are plugging their whole organization into the most recent news.  Most of their friends on Facebook are probably from their business.  They also have formed credibility so what they say doesn’t sound as cliche.
Just imagine a scenario with me.  The common person gets on Facebook.  Every week they see their friend post something new about your business.  The more they see the more MOST of them will think, “wow I don’t want to be that annoying person.  I could never do that.”
For some of you it isn’t bad to post something every once in a while but constant bombarding will not attract leaders nor will it attract those who aren’t in our industry.  I separate my contacts on Facebook.  I scroll over each new friend and if I want them receiving my Network Marketing updates then I  list them as business.  If they are just friends then I don’t need to change anything.  This way when I post something that is strictly for my business contacts I am able post solely for them.  If you aren’t sure how to do that just google it and you will learn quickly.  Using this technique I am able to be much more efficient and can properly utilize social media.  
Facebook does have great value.  Use it to build relationships.  Use it to promote lifestyle but don’t use it to spam your friends (your non network marketing friends).  They already think you are crazy!  🙂
Many of you will disagree with me and that’s ok.  Do whatever your leadership team tells you to do.
“Wherever you are be there.” Let me preface this; when hanging out with friends if they ask me about work, “I say this is the funnest  that I have ever done.  It is work just like everything but I love it.  Then say I really don’t talk a lot about work when I am with friends or family.” I change the subject and ask how they are doing. Now understand this is more of a group setting in a bigger function with friends or family.  Also understand that I will call them later to talk about my business. Yes there are circumstances where you probably have someone that is really interested.  In that circumstance keep it short and confident.  If they seem interested then talk about the business but don’t throw up on them. Don’t be DESPERATE!
A couple last little bits of advice
Put all Birthday’s in your phone and text Happy Birthday.  Not just your contacts from your business but all contacts.  If you are on your Facebook account it will say when your friends birthday is.  If you don’t have their birthday in your calendar you should text people asking them when their birthday is because you are updating your calendar and contact information.  Just a simple Happy Birthday goes a long way.  People love to have other people actually care about them.  You will find it becomes fun to see the responses you get back and is great to just stay on contact with people.  Yes that’s even if they never do the business!
Send out a minimum of 3 emails every week to reconnect with friends.  I would send out more and I would do it on red time (meaning do it when it is a non prospecting time like late night or early morning).
Be social. Truly love people and talk to people everywhere.  Do it for the right reasons.  Even if someone isn’t interested in the business I have learned to always love talking and conversing with people.
I learned a valuable lesson from my mentor Lon Wardrop.  I remember coming home from Lake Powell with him in September of 2009.  We got a flat tire on the way home.  There was a gentlemen who was 80 years old who pulled in to see if we needed help.  Lon spoke with this individual for 25 minutes.  Lon never asked this man for his phone number.  He didn’t have any intentions with the business.  Lon just loves talking with people.
I don’t want anyone to take this article and misinterpret it. I was speaking to you directly on the way we handle and approach with those we know. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be making contacts with people you don’t know that you come in contact with. We should always be listening and engaging in conversation with those we meet in random places whether that’s at a restaurant, getting your oil changed or wherever that may be.  We are in the business of becoming professional friend makers.
We should ALWAYS be taking massive action.
Don’t think you need to know everything I just taught you.  Don’t be overwhelmed. Your Network Marketing company is a lifestyle.  Walt Disney says, “the best way to get started is to start doing.”  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.  My point is that you can be a real person and make this business happen.  In fact MOST of the leaders are all Real People and not crazy MLMers.  This business is about leadership.  My goal is to empower you to become better leaders.  Stephen Covey says, “that leadership is communicating someones worth and potential so clearly that they see it in themselves.”  It doesn’t matter where you are at in your Network Marketing business.  What matters is where you are going!  Start seeing yourself for what and who you can be because all of us can be more.  We are here on this earth to be great.  So let’s go make it happen!

DREAMS by Rob Sperry

The importance of them.  The adversity and challenges they bring. I will give insight on how others achieved their dreams which will relate to us on how we can achieve our dreams and goals.
Before we really get started the question you should ask yourself is, What are you willing to sacrifice or endure in order to live your dream life??  The fact is, no matter how easily your purpose or your “why” in the business comes to you, you will have to make sacrifices in order to achieve it.

It seems that sometime in our early 20’s our dreams begin to leave.  We begin to settle for less and stop pursuing our dreams.  It seems that sometime in our early 20’s we begin to accept the fact that we may not reach those lofty goals we once had.  By the time we reach our mid 30’s it seems that most people have almost totally lost their dreams and by  age 50 people completely stop dreaming.  You see when we are young we typically know how to dream but we don’t know how to work.  As we get older we know how to work but we forget how to dream.

In Network Marketing there is what’s called the Honeymoon stage and then the Sophomore blues.
When you start out in this business you are on what’s called the honeymoon.  You have all these great expectations and all of these big goals.  You are so excited.  For many that dream leaves real quick with the first no and for others it takes a few months.  Anyone who has been married knows that when you get married you have all these BIG dreams.  You think you are different and will be the one’s that make it through your marriage.  You also believe you will have less problems than other couples.  You go on your honeymoon and even after the honeymoon you feel like you are on a high.  Whether it is a week, a month or a year eventually you realize that no matter how great your spouse is and no matter how much you love your spouse, marriage is work.  Our business is the same way. Most of us are strong starters but few of us are strong finishers. We get excited about the possibilities of what this business can do for us but soon we find out that we actually have to work.  That this business is NetWORK marketing.  Not NetHOPING or NetWISHING.  You see this business is tough but what business isn’t?  The difference is, in this financial vehicle the journey is well worth the sacrifice.  In the beginning, stages of my business I had to remind myself of that constantly.  If you come to my house you will see a 6 by 4 foot dream board.  I have pictures of several of my family’s dreams.  We have things such as a houseboat in Lake Powell which represent time with friends and family.  Places we want to visit and things we want to do.  We want to do more for helping great causes so we have a picture of that up on the dream board.  My 5-year-old Cade always points out to visitors with full confidence that everything on the dream board are things we will have or places we will visit.  Surround yourself with your future.  Surround yourself with pictures of what this business will bring you.  There is great power in the subconscious mind and pictures help to forward that progress.

Going back to the topic of DREAMS in this business I want to point out another insight. No one realistic has ever accomplished anything great!! Think about that.  Michael Jordan wasn’t realistic when he sought out to be the best basketball player ever.   Man landing on the moon didn’t seem realistic once upon a time.  Even inventions like the TV or internet weren’t realistic.  Someone had to dream.  Someone had to be unrealistic and stretch their minds.
Let’s look at an example
When I started the business my menor pushed my buttons in a good way.  He told me to go for a particular level in the company where on average they make 16 k a year.  Then as I quickly approached that level he told me to go for the next level.  Considering I had no Network Marketing experience and was just working my Network Marketing business part-time that was totally unrealistic.  My first month part-time I had 39 bonus points in the pool (each new person signed up over a certain amount of volume constitutes a bonus point) working the business part-time.  Had someone told me to go for just a lower level in the company(the first leadership position in the company) that’s probably all I would have done.  Thinking and dreaming big is a skill and an art.  Don’t cripple your new people or your organization.  Just because you haven’t accomplished something great doesn’t mean others can’t or won’t.
Here is the key.  These individuals that all think big have also had some down moments in their lives or business.  The difference is when they do have those moments they buck up and go back at it harder.  90% of disappointment comes from unrealistic expectations. So you have to prepare yourself by almost being unreasonably optimistic.  You set a high goal and if you don’t obtain that goal, you don’t make your goals smaller.  You just go back; Work harder and figure out how to be better.  You must be an optimist.  Looking for the best in everyone and every situation.  Now most of us are in this business part-time.  Most of us are looking to make a little extra money and maybe the big examples  don’t relate to you.   They should because you can use the same principles at whatever level you want.  Whether that’s going slow in the business or fast.  You can have the right attitude which will increase your effectiveness.

Here are a couple of insights from John Maxwell’s book “Put Your Dreams To The Test”
The dream is free but the journey isn’t.
At some point you need to make the transition from believer of the dream to buyer of the dream. No dream comes true without someone paying for it.
Dream believers are in abundance and dream buyers are rare.
The moment you declare your dream and try to move toward it, problems begin to surface.  Facing the reality is like having cold water hit you in the face. Not expecting anything like that, many people become discouraged. Some table their dreams, putting them on hold. Others abandon their dreams.

My insight is your “why” has to be big enough and clear enough to fight for your dreams.

Here is some more insight and pay close attention
The price will be higher than you expect.
Never once have I heard the words'” getting to the top was much easier than I anticipated.  Now think about that insight…..  However hard you thought Network Marketing would be it will be harder than that. That should not discourage you because that’s not Network Marketing that is anything great that has ever been accomplished.

Here are a few things you will find
The journey will take longer than you hoped.
The obstacles will be more numerous than you believed.
The disappointments will be greater than you expected.
The lows will be lower than you imagined.
The price will be higher than you anticipated.
John Maxwell

John Maxwell’s list
You must pay the price of these 3 things in order to succeed.
1. PAY THE Price of dealing with criticism from people who matter
2. Pay the price of overcoming your fears
3. Pay the price of hard work
Here are some examples from books that I have read dealing with number 1 which is handling criticism from people who matter
Winston Churchill was a young man, his father concluded that Winston
was “unfit for a career in law or politics” because he did so badly in
Barbra Streisand‘s mother told her she wasn’t pretty enough to be an
actress because her voice wasn’t good enough.
Conrad Hilton, who created a business empire with his Hilton hotels,
once overheard his father say to his mother,”Mary, I do not know what
will become of Connie. I’m afraid he’ll never amount to anything”
When Charles Darwin was getting ready to set sail on his 5 year
expedition on the beagle, his father was extremely disappointed. He
thought his son was drifting into a life of sin and idleness.
George Washington‘s mother was a harping, complaining self-centered
women by all accounts. She belittled Washington’s accomplishments and
didn’t show up at either of his presidential inaugurations. She was
always whining that her children neglected her.
— People will criticize you and make fun of your ideas or
actively try to stop you.  Sometimes their goal is to only protect you.  But as we have all learned failure is only a possibility if you stop. If you keep going, a ” failure” is just another learning experience. I look at this way giving up a dream is worse than failing.
So be kind and listen to the criticisms of those you care about but then go live your dreams!  It is your life.  You and only you are responsible for your life.  No one else.
The most important thing is to keep your dreams alive by not just thinking about them but acting upon them.  By moving closer to them each and every single day.  It doesn’t matter how small the steps of progress are, only that you are moving in the right direction.

We all know that the world is FULL of dream crushers.  Think about it.  We all compare.  Some of us do it more than others.  If you are successful than it makes most or many close to you feel unsuccessful.

Les Brown says, “Most of us don’t even go for our dreams because we don’t feel like we deserve it.”

That’s why it is so crucial that you work harder on yourself than you do on your job.  You must become the person to feel that you deserve and expect the success.

Always remember that you don’t need anyone to approve your dream.  Take full responsibility of your life.  Take full responsibility of your dreams.  Don’t make excuses.  Make reasons to fulfill those dreams.  There is a great quote that says, “Avoidance of risk is the greatest risk of all.”

“Always remember there are only two kinds of people in this world — the realists and the dreamers. The realists know where they are going.  The dreamers have already been there.”

Robert Orben.

Victims, Survivors, and Conquerors of the World by Rob Sperry

What are you investing in?  We are all investors and fall into 3 groups of people.  We all create our own life’s by the mental picture we perceive.
What do you envision yourself as?  If you were to write down who you are, what type of person you are and your perception of what you can or can’t do what would it be?
Do you envision yourself as always having bad luck and you aren’t meant for success?  Or do you envision yourself as someone who has to struggle for a certain period of time before you succeed?  Do you envision yourself making insane amounts of money right out of the gate?  I have met a lot of people who claim they envision massive success but how many truly envision it so clearly that they make it happen? Let’s talk about the 3 different types of people in detail.  Victims, Survivor’s and Conqueror’s.
As I write on these 3 subjects I want all of you to be honest with yourself and where you think you fall in these 3 categories.
VICTIMS – Victim’s are those who always COMPLAIN and WHINE.  They always seem to think they are unlucky and that everyone else get’s all the breaks.  Victim’s rarely take responsibility.  They blame others for their problems.  They project their problems…. Meaning if money is an issue they make it someone else’s issue as well.  If time is an issue for them they make that issue everyone else’s and so on and so on.  Victims always seem to find their issues in everyone else.  I personally never have the issue of, I don’t have any money.  I believe that’s because the money was never an issue for me.
Victim’s blame everything they can on someone or something else.  They blame their upline for not enough support.  They blame the product for not working as well as they thought it would.  They find every excuse known to man and they use them frequently.  They get so good at giving the excuses and buy into their own philosophy that they become more and more of a victim.  Ralph waldo emerson said, “shallow men believe in luck…. strong men believe in cause and effect.”
If you are a victim of life don’t worry there is hope….  Of course you must first be honest with yourself and identify who you are.  In order to fix the problem you have to admit there is a problem.
SURVIVORS – Are widely known to most as a good thing.  I would classify survivors as a notch above victims but for the most part I would call survivors: STRUGGLERS.  Why would I do that?  Well let me explain.  Survivors won’t quit but don’t yet expect success.  They don’t feel like they deserve success yet.  They hope for it and believe that someday it will happen.  That someday something will click or will change in their business or in life.  They don’t take total initiative but they are persistent.  They are more persistent in their minds then their actions.  By that I mean they come to meeting, listen to the calls but they avoid the core of the business which is consistently recruiting and talking to new people.
Survivors have the least amount of disciplined persistence necessary to survive and keep going.  They still have tons of fear.CONQUERORS – This is the top of the food chain. Many in this category were at one time survivors and even possibly victims but they progressed. Conquerors have the abundance mentality.  They expect and deserve success.  Their mind set is at a whole different level.  Fear doesn’t rule their universe.  If they have fear they take action immediately and their fear leaves.  Conquerors know that 80 percent of learning comes from outside the classroom.  We learn by doing!!!  85% of millionaires don’t have their college degree.  It is cause Conquerors don’t make excuses.  They dig deep and make it happen.  No one who is normal ever makes history.  Don’t be normal.  If you want to be normal than you want to be in over 10 k credit card debt, working 9 to 5, making 30,000 a year with no retirement.  If you want to be normal you will do what the average american does which is watch over 6 hours of TV a day.  Conquerors aren’t normal.
Conquerors are the opposite of victims.  The glass is half full.  They seek out support from their upline but if they don’t get it, they take initiative and figure out a way to make it happen.  They think they are lucky always being at the right place at the right time.  They understand luck favors the persistent.
There is a great quote in Chineese proverb: “The best time to plant a tree is 2 years ago.  The 2nd best time is today.”  I think that quote relates well with our topic.  Sure maybe you haven’t done what you could have or should have accomplished.  Start today.  Find the courage and inner strength to believe in your potential.
God did not put anyone on this earth to fail.  We all have ability and we all have talent to succeed.  If you don’t believe it then you are lying to yourself!  This business is a lot of fun.  It is fun overcoming fears and building confidence.  It is fun helping others progress.  It is fun making money and it is even more fun helping others make a lot of money.
Please if you remember anything at all just remember you can really do this.  You can really do this.  Become the conqueror of your life!

Keys to success:
1. Don’t ever quit based on discouragement or an irrational emotion (survivor)
2. Take initiative and become the conqueror

These principles apply in life.  Obviously in life there are things that you should quit and need to move on to.  The key in quitting is not to base a decision of an irrational emotion.  Pre-determine when you will quit.  Make decisions on quitting from a conquerors perspective.  Here is another great quote, “People think that is holding on that makes you stronger; but sometimes it is letting go.”

Lastly I want to point out that each one of us has some victim, survivor and conqueror in us.  I know Fathers who are great Fathers but lousy at business.  I know athletes who are conquerors in their sport but are victim’s in other aspects of their lives.  The goal is to become better in all aspects of life but especially the one’s that you deem valuable.