Half full or half empty? A fresh perspective! Network Marketing mindset shift to set you up for success!

Is the glass half full or half empty?

Here is a different take you have probably never heard…

I heard this incredible story from a leader.

He has 3 daughters and asked them all the famous question, “is the glass half empty or half full?”

The first said the glass was half full.

The second said it was half empty.

The youngest who was around 8 years old said it depends. She said, “It depends on if the glass was just filled or emptied.”

What a powerful insight from a child!

Most of us get discouraged based on comparison and progress. If someone is making 1 million a year and then drops to 500k a year, they are almost always discouraged.

Whereas if someone is making 60k a year and jumps to 70k the next year they are ecstatic.

Progress gives us HOPE. It makes us feel like we are more fully reaching our potential which is our main purpose here on this earth. It makes us grateful.

Too many times we use money to gauge our progress and self worth. I have learned to focus on the effort rather than results and money. That’s how I measure my progress! It’s about the journey and effort.

It’s impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time. Be grateful for all your experiences.

Focus on doing your best and quit stressing the rest! Stop comparing!

“Comparison is the thief of joy”

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Credibility: Are You Making this Mistake? #1 Way Network Marketers Lose Credibility Instantly

When you tell everyone you have the best company you instantly LOSE credibility.


First off you don’t know every company out there.


Next, each company has a different niche.


Lastly, we all have different desires.


You may have found the best fit for YOU and your team, but there is no one-size-fits-all for EVERYONE.


  • Some people like a stronger front end comp plan while others want a stronger back end


  • Some like service based companies while others like products


  • Some distributors want a U.S. focus while others want an International focus


  • Some want an older company rather than a newer company


  • Some care about the culture above everything else


Instead of making a blanket statement that you have the BEST company, which doesn’t resonate with a NEW person — it’s about them not YOU! 


FOCUS on what you LOVE about your company and WHY!! 


Even more importantly, figure out what THEY are looking for.


Focus on their values and needs.


It is more than ok to be passionate about why your company is a great fit for you but . . .


#1 Don’t bash other companies


#2 Don’t be naive to think that there is only ONE true company


Have an Abundance Mentality and realize there is plenty to go around.


Cheer on other companies. Some of my best friendships are leaders in other network marketing companies


Let’s all cheer each other on in this incredible industry!


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5 Mind Tricks to Overcome FEAR in Your Network Marketing Business

The Network Marketing profession can easily make even the toughest, most seasoned entrepreneur feel FEAR!! It’s an ever-changing industry, and today, Network Marketers often face FEAR OF…


Going LIVE on Social Media
Public Speaking
Being Seen


Check out this podcast where Rob Sperry will give you 5 mind tricks that you can implement to overcome FEAR.


And, if that wasn’t enough, there will also be a SPECIAL GUEST APPEARANCE, from industry leader, Lance Conrad!



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Network Marketing: Let’s Get Real about Success

Sooo, I don’t want to give away too much of her story right off the bat…
But here’s an excerpt from chapter 1 of Recruit Your Way to 6 Figures. This chapter was written by Rachel Pekarek.
Can you relate to her experience??

I sat there pretty shell-shocked. I joined my first network marketing company as a 21-year old college dropout. My sponsor sat across the table seemingly unimpressed by my total enrollments in the first thirty

days of my business.

Spoiler alert: I signed up zero people!

He said, “You are pretty bad at this.”

He was right. I was pretty bad. Reality check, I was really bad. But, I

did have one thing. I was committed, and willing to learn.

Rachel leads teams of over 300,000 consumers. She has helped over 100 people reach six or seven figures and thousands more make a “comma” check every single month.


She knows her stuff and she puts it all out there for you in her latest book!!

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What to Do When Your Network Marketing Team Just Won’t Listen


The answer isn’t what most people think …


I don’t believe the main reason is because one’s credibility is lowered, although that can be a major factor if someone switches companies often.

Honestly, from my experience, most distributors who switch companies switch with a sense of ENTITLEMENT. And this is the beginning of the end.

Why do I say this?

They think that, since they have “put in their time,” it should translate into their new company.

They look for short cuts and hope to use their previous credibilityto hit home runs, rather than to build daily in the trenches.

They target other leaders hoping that they do the work for them. They bank on luck!

The Second Reason for Failure is BURNOUT.

This is especially true when the put their time and attention into the things that I just mentioned, but they get no traction or growth. They tend to spin their wheels, get frustrated, and get discouraged.

And the Third Reason is because they switched for the WRONG REASONS.

They switch for a bonus opportunity. They switch because of conflict within their current team or company. They switch to get in on a “ground floor” opportunity.

All of these are valid reasons to switch! But many will use these as EMOTIONAL reasons to switch without doing their research.

Hopefully you have found your company and don’t ever need to switch.

If you do ever switch companies, your skills will have probably grown as you are starting out — but that doesn’t mean you can cheat success.

You can’t take shortcuts.

Starting over is like climbing Mount Everest all over again.

You get smarter and better, but it still takes ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION!!! 


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Your Past Does Not Define You in Network Marketing Direct Sales

Need some motivation today?

Maybe you’ve come up with a ton of excuses as to why you won’t make it in your Network Marketing business. Maybe you’re feeling like the odds are stacked against you and that it’s just not meant to be.

Maybe you’re on the verge of giving up.

Before you do, you HAVE to hear this interview with Lorien Cameron!! Lorien didn’t finish high school and was a homeless youth. Listen and learn how he made a decision to change his life & defied the odds. He is a true example proving that your past does NOT determine your future!!

Amazingly, it took Lorien just 15 months to reach the top level of his company!!

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Network Marketing Business in a SLUMP?? This Can Help!!

Feeling a little lost over the past few months with all of the changes and uncertainty related to COVID-19 and the pandemic?

So many have said that they jumped into 2020 with great vision and massive goals, but they soon lost that vision (and their drive) when life got turned upside down.

I totally understand that. But, let me ask you this (and I’m being very blunt): Are we starting to use this as an excuse NOT to work toward or to hit our goals?

First, we didn’t know how to approach prospects because so much was up in the air, and we didn’t want to seem insensitive. Or maybe we were trying to figure our own situations out, so business took a backseat.

Then, it became more difficult to prospect because the health crisis lead to a financial crisis, and, again, we didn’t want to seem insensitive.

But now? Now, we are learning that there is no normal. Every month, week, day presents its own new challenge — or potential excuse — and we have to determine how to get back on track and to work toward that 2020 vision again. (See what I did there?)

Driven and determined, but still feeling stuck?? Then, maybe one of the upcoming Mastermind sessions is just what you need. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with people just like you, who have big goals, true grit & determination, and strive to learn, grow, and inspire.

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Why would anyone join YOUR Network Marketing Team??

When it comes to Network Marketing, recruiting the right people can prove difficult, especially if you don’t feel that you you’ve accomplished enough to prove yourself successful.

Not sure what to say when you’re talking to others about your business?

Feeling like prospects won’t take you seriously?

Then THIS is for YOU!

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Time Management Tip: Stop Wasting Your Time!!

In network marketing, you have to be able to categorize your team members so that YOU can know how to best offer and spend your time. You have to be able to tell the difference between the NeedersWanters, and Deservers

The Needers feel like absolutely “need” all of your time and attention.  And given the opportunity, they will take every second you have.

The Wanters have lots of desires (“I want to make more money,” “I want more contacts”) but maybe lack the focus to really get there.

The Deservers are those who are putting forth the effort to make their personal goals and your team goals happen. That’s where your time has to be spent.  


Get more info: https://youtu.be/Xk6ee3DHuWc


On a sports team, if someone is not pulling their weight, they get cut. Yes, it sounds harsh, but that is the reality of the game.  While you have to support your team members at their own pace, you also have to prioritize your time so that you can be the most effective leader possible.

If you don’t prioritize your time, eventually, you’ll become a firefighter.  Firefighters can only go from location to location putting out fires, focused only on those desperate for their time.

Rather than being a firefighter, become an architect.

Be specific and deliberate about who you spend your time with. Eventually, you’ll want to transition to spending 85% of your time with your top 15%, and then wean it even farther.

The best producers in the business are spending 95% of their time with the top 5% of their team. That should be your ultimate goal.


Get more info: https://youtu.be/Xk6ee3DHuWc

Network Marketing RECRUITING 101

In the Network Marketing profession, there is often so much hype, sometimes we find ourselves avoiding it altogether, right? But there’s value in the hype IF you communicate it correctly!!


That said, if you aren’t pitching Network Marketing as a “GET RICH QUICKLY” business, you should be!

If you know Rob, you know that he normally doesn’t ever pitch HYPE, but in this podcast, he will provide valuable insight as to why you SHOULD pitch a get-rich-quick business This just might be the information that you can use to increase your recruiting numbers!!


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