Credibility: Are You Making this Mistake? #1 Way Network Marketers Lose Credibility Instantly

When you tell everyone you have the best company you instantly LOSE credibility.


First off you don’t know every company out there.


Next, each company has a different niche.


Lastly, we all have different desires.


You may have found the best fit for YOU and your team, but there is no one-size-fits-all for EVERYONE.


  • Some people like a stronger front end comp plan while others want a stronger back end


  • Some like service based companies while others like products


  • Some distributors want a U.S. focus while others want an International focus


  • Some want an older company rather than a newer company


  • Some care about the culture above everything else


Instead of making a blanket statement that you have the BEST company, which doesn’t resonate with a NEW person — it’s about them not YOU! 


FOCUS on what you LOVE about your company and WHY!! 


Even more importantly, figure out what THEY are looking for.


Focus on their values and needs.


It is more than ok to be passionate about why your company is a great fit for you but . . .


#1 Don’t bash other companies


#2 Don’t be naive to think that there is only ONE true company


Have an Abundance Mentality and realize there is plenty to go around.


Cheer on other companies. Some of my best friendships are leaders in other network marketing companies


Let’s all cheer each other on in this incredible industry!


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