Network Marketing: Let’s Get Real about Success

Sooo, I don’t want to give away too much of her story right off the bat…
But here’s an excerpt from chapter 1 of Recruit Your Way to 6 Figures. This chapter was written by Rachel Pekarek.
Can you relate to her experience??

I sat there pretty shell-shocked. I joined my first network marketing company as a 21-year old college dropout. My sponsor sat across the table seemingly unimpressed by my total enrollments in the first thirty

days of my business.

Spoiler alert: I signed up zero people!

He said, “You are pretty bad at this.”

He was right. I was pretty bad. Reality check, I was really bad. But, I

did have one thing. I was committed, and willing to learn.

Rachel leads teams of over 300,000 consumers. She has helped over 100 people reach six or seven figures and thousands more make a “comma” check every single month.


She knows her stuff and she puts it all out there for you in her latest book!!

To read more from Rachel and the 19 other authors, including myself, go to and order your copy today!!


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