What to Do When Your Network Marketing Team Just Won’t Listen


The answer isn’t what most people think …


I don’t believe the main reason is because one’s credibility is lowered, although that can be a major factor if someone switches companies often.

Honestly, from my experience, most distributors who switch companies switch with a sense of ENTITLEMENT. And this is the beginning of the end.

Why do I say this?

They think that, since they have “put in their time,” it should translate into their new company.

They look for short cuts and hope to use their previous credibilityto hit home runs, rather than to build daily in the trenches.

They target other leaders hoping that they do the work for them. They bank on luck!

The Second Reason for Failure is BURNOUT.

This is especially true when the put their time and attention into the things that I just mentioned, but they get no traction or growth. They tend to spin their wheels, get frustrated, and get discouraged.

And the Third Reason is because they switched for the WRONG REASONS.

They switch for a bonus opportunity. They switch because of conflict within their current team or company. They switch to get in on a “ground floor” opportunity.

All of these are valid reasons to switch! But many will use these as EMOTIONAL reasons to switch without doing their research.

Hopefully you have found your company and don’t ever need to switch.

If you do ever switch companies, your skills will have probably grown as you are starting out — but that doesn’t mean you can cheat success.

You can’t take shortcuts.

Starting over is like climbing Mount Everest all over again.

You get smarter and better, but it still takes ALL OUT MASSIVE ACTION!!! 


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