Network Marketing Business in a SLUMP?? This Can Help!!

Feeling a little lost over the past few months with all of the changes and uncertainty related to COVID-19 and the pandemic?

So many have said that they jumped into 2020 with great vision and massive goals, but they soon lost that vision (and their drive) when life got turned upside down.

I totally understand that. But, let me ask you this (and I’m being very blunt): Are we starting to use this as an excuse NOT to work toward or to hit our goals?

First, we didn’t know how to approach prospects because so much was up in the air, and we didn’t want to seem insensitive. Or maybe we were trying to figure our own situations out, so business took a backseat.

Then, it became more difficult to prospect because the health crisis lead to a financial crisis, and, again, we didn’t want to seem insensitive.

But now? Now, we are learning that there is no normal. Every month, week, day presents its own new challenge — or potential excuse — and we have to determine how to get back on track and to work toward that 2020 vision again. (See what I did there?)

Driven and determined, but still feeling stuck?? Then, maybe one of the upcoming Mastermind sessions is just what you need. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with people just like you, who have big goals, true grit & determination, and strive to learn, grow, and inspire.

Check out this quick 1 min video from the last Mastermind:


The next TGON Nation mastermind is September 7th – September 11th in Sundance Utah. 

As always the space is limited to keep the mastermind feel.

If you are interested, go check out the website to get all the info:

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