Top Recruiting Tips for Your Network Marketing Business

Recruiting the right people — sounds easy enough, right? But anyone who has been in the direct sales or network marketing industry knows just how difficult this can be.


Tune into this podcast for recruiting tips from #1 income earners, James & Linda Evenden!! They didn’t start out at the top, so they know what it takes to get there.


The Evendens are top income earners in their company in the Asia Pacific, and they’ve built a team of THOUSANDS in over 18 countries.


In this podcast, they share insight on recruiting the right people!



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  • The exact PROCESS Rob followed to become the #1 recruiter
  • The Recruiting Accelerator SYSTEM
  •  The 3 tips a 30 MILLION Dollar Earner taught Rob when he first began
  • How to FOCUS your time better
  • Should you use the DIRECT or INDIRECT Approach

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