Time Management Tip: Stop Wasting Your Time!!

In network marketing, you have to be able to categorize your team members so that YOU can know how to best offer and spend your time. You have to be able to tell the difference between the NeedersWanters, and Deservers

The Needers feel like absolutely “need” all of your time and attention.  And given the opportunity, they will take every second you have.

The Wanters have lots of desires (“I want to make more money,” “I want more contacts”) but maybe lack the focus to really get there.

The Deservers are those who are putting forth the effort to make their personal goals and your team goals happen. That’s where your time has to be spent.  


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On a sports team, if someone is not pulling their weight, they get cut. Yes, it sounds harsh, but that is the reality of the game.  While you have to support your team members at their own pace, you also have to prioritize your time so that you can be the most effective leader possible.

If you don’t prioritize your time, eventually, you’ll become a firefighter.  Firefighters can only go from location to location putting out fires, focused only on those desperate for their time.

Rather than being a firefighter, become an architect.

Be specific and deliberate about who you spend your time with. Eventually, you’ll want to transition to spending 85% of your time with your top 15%, and then wean it even farther.

The best producers in the business are spending 95% of their time with the top 5% of their team. That should be your ultimate goal.


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Network Marketing RECRUITING 101

In the Network Marketing profession, there is often so much hype, sometimes we find ourselves avoiding it altogether, right? But there’s value in the hype IF you communicate it correctly!!


That said, if you aren’t pitching Network Marketing as a “GET RICH QUICKLY” business, you should be!

If you know Rob, you know that he normally doesn’t ever pitch HYPE, but in this podcast, he will provide valuable insight as to why you SHOULD pitch a get-rich-quick business This just might be the information that you can use to increase your recruiting numbers!!


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Top Recruiting Tips for Your Network Marketing Business

Recruiting the right people — sounds easy enough, right? But anyone who has been in the direct sales or network marketing industry knows just how difficult this can be.


Tune into this podcast for recruiting tips from #1 income earners, James & Linda Evenden!! They didn’t start out at the top, so they know what it takes to get there.


The Evendens are top income earners in their company in the Asia Pacific, and they’ve built a team of THOUSANDS in over 18 countries.


In this podcast, they share insight on recruiting the right people!



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Has Your Warm Market Run Dry?

Talking to NEW people is #1 Income Producing Activity in any Network Marketing business!!

But maybe you’re feeling like your warm market has run dry? Or you’re at a loss as to where to meet these new people?

Leads are the name of the game!!

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Our deepest fear…it’s probably not what you think

As I wrote in The Game of Conquering, we’ve all had those moments where we didn’t believe we were enough for the task at hand. We don’t have the skill, or we are just plain not good enough.
This fear has been a major factor in the lives of so many who have stopped moving forward and are living a life of mediocrity. It’s not because of their fear of what others may say, but because of what they are saying to themselves. What we are saying to ourselves is so important. I see so many people who don’t intentionally talk to themselves, and sadly, most human brains are set to the negative dial.
So many times, we become a stumbling block in our own progression because we can’t be kind to ourselves. Instead, we end up tearing ourselves down so much that we are paralyzed from moving forward. We incessantly analyze our abilities and put all our focus on our inadequacies that this analysis keeps us from achieving our goals.
It is important to understand how the different mindsets (the Victim, the Survivor, & the Conqueror) approach this fear, and how each of us can take on the mindset of the conqueror!
Want to know which mindset you’re currently working with?
I’d love to share more information on these mindsets with you, and that’s why I am currently offering FREE SHIPPING on The Game of Conquering…WORLDWIDE!!

(Podcast) Mindset: Are You Struggling to Stay Committed to Your Network Marketing Business?

Mindset. It’s one of the most important attributes for success in the Network Marketing profession. It can also be one of the most challenging to develop!

Of course success is always the end goal, but that success is only part of the actual journey.

It’s the moments of struggle that really define the path! And that’s exactly what Jordan Adler speaks of during this podcast interview.

While Jordan Adler is successful now, he overcame many obstacles along the way. Just to put it in perspective, when he was 34 years old, he was living in an enclosed garage. His rent was $200 a month and he had 2 roommates. He carried $36,000 in credit card debt and his job paid him $14,000 a year — Listen to how this shaped him into the success story he is today!!


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