[FREE NETWORK MARKETING TRAINING] Connecting with Prospects in Uncertain Times

In this podcast, industry leader, Natasha Roberson discusses how to be “truly connected” in your direct sales/network marketing business in an over-connected world during this time of social distancing and uncertainty.

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Social Media Tips to Increase Sales in Your Network Marketing Business

Let’s face it, we can post to social media consistently and at all the right times, but with no engagement, connecting with new people via social media becomes more difficult. And without new connections, your business won’t grow. 

If your posts aren’t getting the traction or engagement you were hoping for, then these 5 tips are for you:


1. Wish everyone a Happy Birthday 

  • Do it in FB Messenger
  • Do it the day before or after their Birthday to standout more
  • This will create recent interaction
  • You are being a good human!
  • It is a great reason to just say “hi”

So simple but so impactful



2. STOP 🛑 trying to be PERFECT 

I sometimes purposely find my worst freeze frame on THUMBNAILS, and use those for my FB lives! Why? People like REAL PEOPLE!! It makes you relatable!



3. If you want to create more VISIBILITY, do this:

  • Tag friends individually in the comments. So if you have 8 friends that you want to tag then create 8 comments and tag each one
  • Make sure when you tag them you create a genuine question or comment that goes along with your post
  • Reply to all of their comments

Do this, and you will create more engagement — and it will help create more visibility on your post!



4. Create recent interaction BEFORE you post 

  • One of the top factors to the FB algo is recent interaction
  • If you want MORE people to SEE your content, then go interact on others’ posts
  • You can’t RECEIVE without GIVING

Go spend at least 5 minutes quickly interacting BEFORE you post.



5. The MONEY is in Messenger 

  • Create a Daily goal to connect or reconnect with x amount of people everyday. It doesn’t take long
  • Just by doing this you are
    • Strengthening relationships
    • You should be reaching out to some of these contacts to look at your business or products
    • By reaching out via Messenger you are boosting your visibility on FB to those you reach out to. FB counts recent interaction heavily towards who sees your content

So just imagine reaching out to 10 people everyday that you have not spoken to in at least 2 months. Do this consistently and it’ll make a HUGE difference!

I can’t wait for you to implement these strategies and watch your visibility and engagement grow and increase over time!!



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Be sure to use your social media stories!



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The Coronavirus Pandemic and Your Network Marketing Business

The world is dealing with a pandemic! Does it feel insensitive or inappropriate to market your product or business right now??
I’ve heard from a lot of Network Marketing Professionals over the last few days, and it seems that many are struggling with this very question.

There’s definitely a fine line in times like these, isn’t there?

So, how do we push forward and maintain our customer base while continuing to grow our teams? 

Here’s my perspective, as I shared in a recent FB post.


Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers as we all come together, learn, and support each other during this very chaotic time.


7 Things You MUST KNOW to Build Your Network Marketing Business During This Chaotic Time

Is it even possible to build your business during these chaotic times?


Yes!! While it’s not the time to spam friends and family with messages of doom & gloom followed by your business opportunity — it is time to look for opportunities to help others and to share from a genuine place.

On today’s podcast. Rob Sperry will share 7 things that you MUST KNOW to build your business, despite the coronavirus, social distancing, and a potential recession.


Listen on iTunes: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/network-marketing-breakthroughs-with-rob-sperry/id1479053637?i=1000470119433


Listen on other platforms: https://www.buzzsprout.com/556321/3185917-7-things-you-must-know-to-build-your-network-marketing-business-during-this-chaotic-time.mp3?blob_id=11341888&download=true

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Network Marketing: Tough Love & Motivation (Because You Deserve Success in Your Home Based Business)

Being a Network Marketing professional isn’t easy, so I know it can be hard to hear (and might not even make sense right now) — but I feel it needs to be said. 

Survivors aren’t successful in network marketing. 

What do I mean by this?

Here’s an excerpt from my newest book, THE GAME OF CONQUERING, to help me explain…

Most events and webinars are filled with survivors. Let me give you some tough love. If you are a survivor in network marketing, you will not have success. (Ouch!)

I want to help you recruit more. I want to help you create more retention. I want to help you create more duplication. I can’t do that unless I can be very direct with you. I am by no means saying that being a survivor is bad. It is actually a very positive and necessary step forward. I am just being clear that it isn’t enough to just survive. There is more. 

The GOAL is progress. Progress should always be celebrated. If you are a victim transitioning into a survivor, you should celebrate. If you are a survivor transitioning into a stronger survivor, that should be celebrating, as well. Becoming a survivor is the first step in your process to success—but it can’t be the end goal. 

Some words that come to mind when I think about survivor mindset are endurance, resilience, and struggle. 

Survivor mindset usually has an inner drive that keeps the person moving forward. They believe in family, faith, or something bigger than themselves. A person with a survivor mindset often cares more about those around them than themselves. But survivor mindsets struggle personally with feelings of worth and feeling weak. They may also feel unworthy of being a survivor of their circumstances. Someone with a survivor mindset will feel like they are barely hanging on. 

Endurance feels like the norm for the survivor mindset. They always feel as if they need to be enduring and will constantly evaluate people or circumstances that may threaten their survival. This is a survival skill that humans have been programmed with since the beginning of time. It is what helps keep us alive in life’s biggest emergencies. But often, because of this programmed response, the survivor will find themselves in fight-or-flight mode during regular daily life activities. Survivors put too much focus on NOT QUITTING rather than winning. The distinction is critical.

I will often hear these words from a survivor: “Rob, I am willing to do whatever it takes! I am super committed to this. I will never miss an event. I am at all the trainings. I am reading about personal development.” This person is showing up and not quitting, but are they thriving? Are they winning?

A survivor is able to recognize their role in their experiences, which enables them to move beyond their circumstances. However, they doubt their own abilities to move forward any further, because they lack confidence in themselves. They compare themselves to others and struggle to keep up. They want people to see them as the “picture of perfection.” They struggle to be vulnerable because it will destroy their perfection and define them as a victim. They keep their past hidden. They have let go of the past, but they still struggle to move on. 

Survivors are often in leadership roles and have great problem-solving skills. They learn quickly how to adapt. They are also known for their positive attitudes. These are all great qualities to have, but they are also a weakness for the survivor mindset. Like I said before, the survivor mindset will feel they can never show weakness or talk about struggles. It’s as if they were hiding some terrible secret. They will hide their insecurities and weaknesses behind their strong traits. They have a hard time asking for help and will go to great lengths to make sure people continue to see them as a survivor. 

Sadly, someone who stays in survivor mindset for too long may slip into victim mindset. The mental pressure and strain of being “strong” and being in fight or flight mode will take its toll.

“I have gone to all the events,” they will say. “I have read all the books. Why am I not successful?” They may feel there is no relief and will see themselves as a victim. They didn’t progress past the survivor mindset and shift into a conqueror’s mindset! They will always see their role as being a survivor and feel like there is no relief from the struggle. 

My friend, Cindy, was in network marketing for twelve years and never made a ton of money. She came to every convention. She attended weekly trainings. She was very consistent with her personal development. She was told that if you just don’t quit, you will eventually succeed. But after twelve years into network marketing—that wasn’t the case.

She still hadn’t achieved any of her goals. 

Cindy, like most network marketers, wasn’t effective with her time. She was just surviving. She was doing the least amount possible in the income producing activities. In her mind, she was working hard because she was always thinking about network marketing. But her actions didn’t reflect her goals. Her actions didn’t reflect her dreams—yet she was hoping for the business to take off. 

She was what I call FAKE-WORKING. Working in this business is talking to new people about your business or products. Cindy was creating a checklist of 22 important things to do. Things like personal development, team training, and studying the compensation plan. All good things. But none of them mean anything if you aren’t doing the MAIN THING. 

She was avoiding reaching out to new people because of FEAR. In this case, fear is an emotion about the future. Fear is about something that hasn’t happened yet. If we don’t learn to acknowledge and understand our fears and conquer them, we will always be SURVIVORS—at best. We will NEVER accomplish our goals, dreams, and aspirations. We will survive, but we won’t thrive.



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