Recruit More Prospects! MLM Network Marketing Recruiting Tips: Mindset, Inviting Leads, and Growing Your Team

Recruit the Most Important Person FIRST


Some Network Marketers recruit team members by telling them how easy it is to make money in the NWM industry. In many of these cases, these leaders over-promise, and, as a result, their new team members under-deliver. 


When people are recruited on the premise that the job is easy, they may not realize the time, effort, and skill that is actually required. They may not really want to work THAT hard. 


The truth is, network marketing is SIMPLE, but it definitely is not EASY.


I remember when I first started in network marketing, my mentor sat me down and told me that the number one thing to remember is that the only person you’re going to have to recruit is yourself.


Yeah, right. (insert eye roll)


This left me thinking… this isn’t going to work. What about recruiting others? I have to grow a team to be successful. 


But here’s the thing, recruiting yourself means that you’re decisive. When you’re indecisive about your any aspect of the business, why would anyone want to join you? If you aren’t sure your products are really that great, that is going to come through to potential customers. Why would they buy from you? If you aren’t real committed to your company or the network marketing industry, that will be apparent to your prospects. Why would they want to join your team?



So, really, it all comes down to ONE THING: Are you committed? You have to DECIDE one way or the other, and then, TAKE ACTION.


If you’re committed to your products, how can you make that apparent to your potential customers, both on social media and in real life? 


If you’re committed to your company and the industry, how can you make that apparent to your prospects. Because really, you’re setting the example for how they will grow their team too!


What makes network marketers indecisive?




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It’s important to remember that fear is simply an emotion in the future based on possibility that may or may not even happen


Instead of letting fear dictate your business, ask yourself, “What can I do right now, today, in this moment, to work toward my goal.” And remember, even the smallest steps forward are still steps toward reaching your goal…right?!


Consider this, If you haven’t made the decision to commit to your business, how can you expect others to make the decision to buy from you or to work with you?


Once you’ve recruited yourself, you’ll want to recruit others. Check out these tips for improving your success rate when it comes to THE CLOSE that I put together for you:


You can’t simply ask your prospect, “So what do you think? Are you ready to join my business” You just won’t get the response (or new team members) you are looking for!




You have to remind them of the reasons why they were excited…build their confidence and their belief before mentioning anything about joining your team.

For example, “I know that you are so excited about that bonus opportunity right before the holidays…” or “I’m so glad you are loving _____ (whatever your product is) and you seemed so excited to share that with others and to possibly pay for dance classes…”

This also goes a long way to show that you are listening to them!You understand what their needs and goals are. So they see that you are most likely to support them…not just recruit them and leave them.


ASK THEM!! On a scale of 1-10, where’s your interest level, 10 being “this is the greatest thing ever and 1 being “I’m not interested at all.”

If they are a 7-10, they are ready to join! This is where you step into your leadership role and guide them. Be the influencer not the boss: My first goal is to help you, at the very least, make your money back!

If they are a 6 or below, they still need information. Instead of “going for the hard close,” you might say, “It looks like you need more info so you can make the decision that’s best for you.” And then ask questions (Tip #3 below).


Get better at asking the right questions — Objections help you overcome and shift their perspective.

ASK THEM!!! “What is your biggest concern or fear?” Rather than just assuming you know.

This is where listening and third-party validation will come in handy and be most effective.

Remember, this is not necessarily an overnight process! Some prospects may need to go through this cycle more than once before they are committed.


Did you know that there is a lot of psychology that plays a role in people’s receptiveness as you invite them to take a look at your product or business?


Are YOU using the right approach? Is your TEAM? 


Watch the FB Live I did on this exact topic! 


It can help you increase your recruit / recruiting success rate from the initial interaction with your prospect. 

Create Consistency and Increase Profits in Your Network Marketing Business Over the Summer

WELCOME TO JULY and to all the fun that summer brings! For some, summer brings excitement because there’s so much to look forward to. Sleeping in, family time, vacations, and FUN!


But how do you balance all of these things AND to maintain consistency in working your network marketing business? It takes a little planning and a whole lot of discipline, but you’ll find that you really can make it happen!!


Here are some tips to help you:


1. PLAN!! Have a master calendar where you write down all of the vacations, staycations, camps, doctor’s appointments…anything that you are planning to do, put it on your master calendar.



2. SCHEDULE!! Break your master calendar into weekly schedules, one week at a time. Set aside time each week to plan for the week to come. What is going on each day? When are you going to work your business? PUT IT ALL ON YOUR SCHEDULE AS IF IT WERE DOCTOR’S APPOINTMENTS!!


Check out this article from for more tips on creating a master calendar that will drive your productivity and consistency when it comes to your network marketing business.


3. LIST!! Now that your “office hours” are set for the week, make a list of the things that you need to accomplish during those hours. This will make it much easier to get started once your office hours start each day. Instead of wasting your time trying to figure out where to begin, you can just reference your list.



4. BE DISCIPLINED, BUT BE FLEXIBLE!! Things are going to come up. Things are going to throw you off track. But this isn’t reason to “quit for the day.” Readjust and refocus!! You’ve got this!


Speaking of consistency, did you know that posting to social media almost every day can increase your profits? Learn more by watching this FB LIVE video!


Remember, “Discipline is choosing between what you want right now and what you want MOST.”

8 Proven Success Tips for Network Marketers

Here are my 8 TOP success tips for network marketers.

How many are you actually DOING??

My 8 success tips for network marketers 🤫How many are you actually DOING 🤷‍♂️Comment "send" and I will message you my notes from this training. There are a ton from this one

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Why Potential Recruits Keep Saying “NO”

As you already know, prospecting and recruiting are a huge part of our business…

And it can be frustrating, right?

Everything’s going along just fine until you mention the business opportunity with your company.

And then…


Here are the top 3 reasons prospects are saying no. And this is based on my experience in the NWM trenches as well as what I’ve seen and heard from others…

NUMBER 3: It’s just not their time. Now, hear me out on this because this is a hard one for those who work their business night & day or who have made huge sacrifices, right? Because it’s always the right time, and we make the time.

But you have to remember, your prospect may not have this mindset or may not understand this mindset yet. All he/she can see right now is the crazy, busy holiday season, the wedding, the graduation, the new baby…the list goes on and on.

So, clearly, you need a new approach. What information can you provide that will help your prospect to see the bigger picture. And if you’ve already provided this type of information, then it be best to move them to your “Follow Up” list and just give them some space.

Show respect for the fact that, “Now is just not a good time.” It shows that you are understanding and empathetic, the type of person and leader that they do want to work with…in the future.

NUMBER 2: Your communication and/or approach is holding them back. Remember, good leaders HAVE vision; great leaders GIVE vision. Don’t spend all of your time telling them about your business and opportunity.

Be sure to SHOW THEM! You definitely want your approach to match where your prospect is in their consideration of joining your team. Meet them where they are, and show them success stories that include people or situations that they can relate to.

Don’t be afraid to use 3rd-party validation. Maybe they just don’t relate to your story. The idea is to communicate that this is the perfect opportunity for THEM, so connect them to the information you are sharing in some way.

NUMBER 1: You aren’t really committed — The #1 reason that prospects tell you NO is because they do not see you as being committed to your business for the long haul…YET!

Sometimes, it can take weeks, months or even years for them to truly see you as a business owner.

If you aren’t consistent. If you don’t follow up. If you’re relatively new to your business. If you’ve taken a break from your business in the past.

Well, these things can keep prospects from jumping on board. Afterall, if you aren’t truly committed, how do you expect your prospects to commit?

Let them see your consistency and give them time!

Remember, it isn’t a marathon or a sprint.

It is a a bunch of short races. Sometimes we sprint, walk, or jog — but the key is PROGRESS!!

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Tips for Recruiting Using FB LIVES


Check out my best tips & techniques for DOING FB LIVES.

If you’ve never gone LIVE or if you’re totally stuck in FEAR, I’ve also included strategies for overcoming your FB LIVE FEARS.

INCREASE YOUR RECRUITING THROUGH FB LIVES 🔥🔥🔥My best techniques for DOING FB LIVES 🏆 Strategies for overcoming your FB LIVE FEARS 🙈 Comment "more" for notes

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Help Your Team Set & SMASH Goals

Did you know that when you write down your goals and then share them with others, you are 75% more likely to hit your goal!

Setting GOALS can seem pretty easy, right?

For example: In 2019, I want to be debt free.

Great goal and one that so many are working toward…but something’s missing.

While being debt free is an admirable goal and is definitely worth striving for, it really isn’t a SMART goal.

S – specific
M – measurable
A – attainable
R – realistic
T – time-based
1. Be specific! If you are looking to become debt-free or to hit a certain rank within your company, get real about what those numbers look like.

2. Make it measurable! Paying off debt and/or hitting a new rank are both measurable goals. However, some will set a goal for helping their team members hit their goals (or something similar). As stated, this is not a measurable goal. You’ve got to really drill down and figure out what that will look like, so you’ll know when you’ve reached that goal!

3. Is your goal attainable and realistic? We definitely want our goals to stretch us, push us, and help us grow…but there should be, to a certain degree, attainable as well. This is especially true if you are helping your team to set and reach goals. You want to push them and show that you believe in them, but you want them to also experience success so they stay motivated and trust in you.

4. Goals HAVE to be time-based — or what’s the point? The most effective way that I’ve found to set and reach goals is have one large goal that is broken down into several smaller goals. For example, you might set the goal to be debt-free by the end of the year or to reach the top rank in your company by the end of the year. Break that down into 12 monthly goals. What do you need to do by the end of each goal to make that goal a reality.

I have to add one last important thing about goal setting, and this just might be the most important!

C E L E B R A T E ! !

Celebrate your own success as you make progress in hitting your goals, and be sure to celebrate the success of your team! This is hugely motivating!!

Celebrating, or looking forward to being celebrated, can really keep us pushing forward when life gets busy or when the NOs seem to weigh heavy.

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