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Emma Privilege has 👇Coached thousands at events! 👏Coached thousands online in group coachingOver 150 private coaching clientsLearn from one the best!Check out for 5 free trainings

Posted by Rob L. Sperry on Tuesday, August 21, 2018


Is the “opportunity video” killing your business?

Who do you know that’s a six- and seven-figure earner that made it there by sending opportunity videos? I’m going to guess…not very many.

How many of you joined a business because of an opportunity video? Anyone…? Probably not, because nobody does that.

That particular tool doesn’t work the way we’ve been using it.

Some of you may have had this thought before, but the practice seems to continue.  If we know it’s not working, let’s find an alternative. There isn’t anything wrong with using videos, but we have to do it correctly.

Here’s how I think it goes wrong: leaders often start out with a lot of third-party validations. But eventually the group grows and leaders use the video to reach “more people.” It’s simple and easy. Honestly, sometimes, this is the leaders doing something selfish, because while they may not close as much, they will close a few deals.  And that might be enough for them.

But we can do better! 

The video itself is not going to close the deal. Tools, like videos, have a place. But they are not a replacement of good, old-fashioned people skills. They will never replace your face, personality, salesmanship.

So then what’s the best use of a video? They are great as an additionalvalidation. But the video won’t do the work for you.It’s just an aid, a helper.

YOU are the most important part of the system! 

Now that we’ve covered that, I know you’re asking: how should I use a video? Think of your team/company style, skills, and strategy.  Send a personal message along with the video, and treat it like a preview…tell them that it will not give them a real taste…it is just a small little piece of the puzzle.

It might activate the excitement, but if you really want them to join your business, be honest about it.  Be straight up with people. Tell them you think they will be interested. And tell them that there is MORE!

Most of the time, the recipient of your message has one goal: to see just enough to be able to say, “No, thanks.”

Remember, you’re not trying to get into the N.F.L. (no friends left) zone.  Let them know up front that you won’t be over-bearing with your message.  Your goal is to be confident, but not annoying about it.   

Again, videos are a tool and all tools have a place, and are helpful if used correctly. If you’re a leader, teach your teams how to properly send the video.  Everyone on your team has to have tools and know how to use them to maximize effectiveness. Too many of us are killing our business by sending the video without the “how to” behind it.

Learn to be a blend between the old-school,where your personality is what does most of the work, and the new-school method of network marketing, taking advantage of social tools like videos, with the right introduction and information  to increase your engagement and productiveness.

We cover this topic (and many more) inside the TGON Nation course, where I, along with several million dollar earners, give our unique perspectives and tips for success every week. Unfortunately, TGON Nation ( is currently closed, but I will keep you posted as to when it will reopen.

Interview with Kira & Adam Westwick: Finding your self & voice through NWM

Aussie Superstars 🔥🔥🔥

3 short years ago, Kira Westwick lost her identity and self worth in the role of being ‘just a mum.’

Fast forward 3 years, and, through network marketing, she has found her confidence & voice again, while building a 7-figure income alongside her husband Adam Westwick, who was a traditional business owner that wanted MORE time

Aussie Superstars 🔥🔥🔥3 short years ago Kira Westwick lost her identity and self worth in the role of being ‘just a mum' Fast forward 3 years, and through NWM she has found her confidence & voice again, building a 7 figure income alongside her husband Adam Westwick who was a traditional business owner that wanted MORE time✊5 free trainings at

Posted by Rob L. Sperry on Tuesday, September 4, 2018


5 free trainings at

Interview with BRANDING EXPERT Whitney Taylor Husband

Whitney Taylor Husband is only 5 years into network marketing and has a team of over 400,000!
Check out this interview, where she provides her AMAZING insight:
▪️How do you build and maintain a brand?
▪️How do you do it as a mother?
▪️How do you remain motivated?
▪️What do you do when things aren’t going your way?
▪️And much much MORE! 😎

Whitney Taylor Husband 5 years into network marketing has a team of over 400,000! ✊How do you build and maintain a brand?How do you do it as a Mother?How do you remain motivated?What do you do when things aren't going your way?And much much more! 😎Head to for 5 FREE trainings!

Posted by Rob L. Sperry on Thursday, September 6, 2018

Interview with Kirsten Pearce, who has team members in over 100 countries!

In this FB LIVE, I interview network marketing superstar, Kirsten Pearce! 

He’s been full-time in the network marketing business for 10 years! 
– has team members in over 100 countries
– has the highest ranked leaders in their company on the African continent! 
– is a second-generation networker!

Learn from this network marketing superstar Kirsten Pearse! 🔥How to FLIP the Switch when you are getting your BUTT kicked!What all successful people doBeen full time for 10 years 👊- Team in over 100 countries 👀- Highest ranked leaders in their company on the African continent 🚀- Second generation networker 😎

Posted by Rob L. Sperry on Friday, September 14, 2018

Interview with 7-figure-earner, James Lavelle

Tune in as I interview 7-figure-earner, James Lavelle!!

A little history about James: he was EXPELLED from school and told he would amount to NOTHING!!!! 😫

It might not be what you WANT to hear, but this is what most NEED to hear!

He shares his Daily Method of Operation to secure success and what he learned from 15 years in The British Army. 👊

But he also shares his biggest weakness… 🤔

Can you relate?

LEARN from U.K. 7 figure earner James Lavelle was EXPELLED from school and told he was going to amount to nothing!!!! 😫What people might not want to hear but need to hear … 👀His Daily Method of Operation to secure success … 💪What he learned from 15 years in The British Army … 👊His biggest weakness … 🤔Head to for 5 FREE trainings. How to overcome all objections. How to never run out of contacts. Etc ….

Posted by Rob L. Sperry on Monday, September 10, 2018

4 Tips to Get UNstuck

Everyone gets stuck

It’s the nature of network marketing, and life in general.

But think of it in sports terms, in this case, tennis. In tennis, you can play at the net, or you can play on the baseline.  But if you’re in between, stuck in the middle, you’re probably not playing really well. You’re not as successful as you could be in either location because you’re stuck.

Sometimes, that happens in network marketing too.  So today, we’re focusing on how to get out of “no man’s land.”  

Many people end up in “no man’s land” because of a very specific personality trait that can plague your business AND your life.

The number one cause of failure is indecision. 

Are you indecisive?

If you are indecisive, you will fail.  Navigating life is hard enough even when you’ve made the decision.  If you are unsure, then you are going to have a hard time finding success in anything, but especially in network marketing.

Once you’ve made the decision, do it! 

When I first started in network marketing, I found myself in “no man’s land,” making less than four hundred dollars a month, and I was thinking to myself, “Did I make a mistake? Is this really not for me?

Then I realized that I was working 80-hour weeks, but I wasn’t actually working. I wasn’t doing the actions that would make money.  I was just in management mode.  I wasn’t really committed

Everyone can find themselves in “no man’s land” but remember that your level of commitment will determine your success! Once you (and your brain) are fully committed, you will start to see results.
But how do you get out of “no man’s land?” Follow the four tips below:  

Tip #1: Schedule an all-out blitz day! I(f it’s going to be, it’s up to me.)  Schedule a blitz day for yourself, set a number, and don’t quit until you’ve made the required number of new contacts.  Ask!! Not indirectly, but directly.  Get people to try your product.

Tip #2: Do a team blitz day! (Speed of the leader, speed of the pack). Do it with your team, downline, upline, etc. The beginning of the month is a great time to schedule a team blitz day, since the calendar naturally creates urgency as the end of the month approaches. But we can create our own urgency by mindfully scheduling a blitz day at the beginning to get the month started off strong.

Tip #3: Go on a gratitude blitz. (Your vibe attracts your tribe.) You want your brain to focus on what you love about network marketing.  Ideally, you’re already thinking about one or two things every day that you love about your job.  Do this strategically and often throughout a 24-hour period. Focus on why things are going to go well and how things will get better, and remember,  it’s impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time. Focus on gratitude!

Tip #4: Have a conversation with yourself and take notes! List why you’re excited about the business. List your dreams versus fears.  Are your fears beating your dreams? It’s normal and natural to have fears and insecurities, but you won’t be fully committed until you know that you deserve all the success that can come to you in this business.

These four tips are great, and they will work, but true knowledge requires application. That’s why the first two tips are action steps. If you know everything and do nothing, then you know nothing!

Make sure your chief aim, your deeper purpose, is written down and make it a practice to read it out loud EVERY DAY.  Be deliberate and methodical and help your brain decide to commit.  Compensation always catches up to skillset and effort, but it’s almost always massively delayed! You need your brain to understand that it is a done deal…you just have to give it the time necessary for the compensation to catch up to you.

You can make excuses, or you can make money, but you can’t do both.Get out there and make it happen! Use these tips to help yourself or anyone on your team get out, and stay out, of “no man’s land.”

We cover this topic (and many more) inside the TGON Nation course, where I, along with several million dollar earners, give our unique perspectives and tips for success every week. Unfortunately, TGON Nation ( is currently closed, but I will keep you posted as to when it will reopen.

12 Tips to GROW Your Business on FB!

Are you ready to GROW your business using Facebook? Check out these tips to help you increase your engagement, grow your audience, and maximize your social media reach!


12 Facebook Tips 👇


1. Friend 5 new people a day.

Grow your influence. Grow your list.

Don’t 🚫 add more than 10 new friends a day, or it’ll hurt your visibility. Remember, Facebook rewards popular posts. Your new friends don’t know you yet so they will not be as interactive.

In other words you want to slowly add friends to make sure you don’t have a complete drop in visibility.


2. LIKE and comment on others posts.

You have to give to recieve  

There isn’t a set amount of time to spend before posting, but the new changes reward those who are active, so I spend a good 10 minutes liking and commenting before I post.


3. Don’t post more than 3 times a day.

If a so called social media expert tells you differently,
they are outdated🙊🙈


4. Spread out your posts.

Don’t post and then post again an hour later. Then your posts would be competing against each other. Let your post run its course.

If a post ends up having a lot of engagement you should consider not posting again that day.


5. Use Facebook Stories

Facebook wants to take over Snapchat, so the algorithm now rewards those who use Stories.

Stories are great way for others to get to see more of YOU and your life.


6. Never 🚫 leave a link in your post unless it is a paid ad.

Facebook doesn’t want you leaving their site. Have you ever noticied that your posts with links in them don’t get much traction?🤔

💥 Leave your link in the comments instead! 💥


7. Facebook is cluttered.

Unclutter your feed by staying friends with people you like, but you don’t care to see their posts. Click on 👉 SEE FIRST 👈 on the people you really want to follow and click 👉 CLOSE FRIENDS 👈on anyone you absolutely love seeing their content (you get up to 30).

Those you mark as CLOSE FRIENDS will be the one’s you get an instant notification everytime they post.


8. Have a well done profile pic and cover photo 🔥

This is the first thing people see when they go to your Facebook page. First impressions are important. 

💥 New, potential friends are much more likely to accept your friend request when you have a sharp looking profile and cover photo.


9. Unless you have way too many comments, try to reply to everyone who comments on your posts.

This shows appreciation and encourages these same people to comment more. It also boosts the interaction on your post, which then shows your post to more people!


10. Be consistent in posting every day.

Be positive. 😊

Be authentic.

Be vulnerable.

Be humoruous. 😂

Be insightful.

Don’t always just share quotes. Share your insights on that quote or topic.

Don’t always share about your business insights. Share your life and who you are! Mix it up and be authentic.


11. Add emojis to every post.

One study says emojis increase engagement by over 33%.🚀

Don’t overdue it though or you’ll post will look immature.


12. Don’t copy and paste others content.

Facebook punishes you for it!!


💥 B  O  N  U S 💥

If likes, comments, and shares aren’t making you 💲💲💲on Facebook — you are doing it wrong!

It isn’t a about being popular! 

It is about connection.
It is about listening to your audience.
It is about growing your brand.
It is about building trust.

It is about showing your authenticity and creating your voice!

We cover this topic (and many more) inside the TGON Nation course, where I, along with several million dollar earners, give our unique perspectives and tips for success every week. Unfortunately, TGON Nation ( is currently closed, but I will keep you posted as to when it will reopen.