Tips to help you C L O S E ! !

So often, when it comes to approaching others about our business, we make excuses. We quit on the person before even offering them the opportunity to join our business. Why??

They’re loaded and don’t need the money…

They don’t have the money to get started…

They’re so busy already…

See what I mean?? We talk ourselves out of approaching new people by judging their need solely based on what we see or know from the outside.

So, how do we change that??

Think about all the reasons why each person SHOULD join your team.

How would or how could your business opportunity potentially benefit THEM?

You might have incredible products, but they’re buying YOU as well.

The greatest weapon you have in your arsenal is your authenticity. You want to be able to anticipate each potential recruit’s needs and/or objections and provide REAL reasons that speak to that person’s situation.

If they make a ton of money:

  • They understand business and leverage
  • So they could make even more money!
  • What does that person love or enjoy where MORE MONEY would be a benefit??
  • Write that down!

If they have no money:

  • They need this business to make money!
  • What support systems do you have in place?
  • How will you assist them as they get started?
  • What are the initial bonus opportunities verses the initial start up cost?
  • Write those things down!

If they have no time:

  • Your business could help them to leverage their time and achieve time freedom!
  • Do they have kids?
  • Are they working more than one job outside the home?
  • Are they constantly working overtime?
  • How might having extra income from your business help them to leverage their time in order to have more time for their family…or whatever they enjoy?
  • Be prepared to explain how investing x number of hours in their business could actually GIVE them MORE TIME!

They need to know that you are committed and that you understand THEIR NEEDS.

When they see this, trust is built, and they will be more open to hearing what you have to say!

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