2 Powerful Tips to Apply to Social Media

I have been researching and came up with a few very, very important points to focus on when it comes to increasing engagement in social media platforms.

Firstly, through my Facebook Algorithm study, I found out that taking your posts from one year back and adding a little insight, tweaking it a little bit gathers crazy interactions.

Taking a post of a year back and copy pasting it will never create interactions and engagement. But improvising a little bit will do the trick.

In my video, I elaborate this technique which you can apply to get crazy interactions in social media!

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2 powerful 👊 Tips From My Own Recent Facebook Algorithm Case study. I bet you have never heard ONE of these tips Learn secrets 🗝 from Darren Hardy and Simon Sinek blog posts to apply to Social Media Vegas Talk 🙏 and a CHALLENGE

Posted by Rob Sperry on Monday, October 2, 2017

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