The Fortune Is In The Follow Up


Many of us focus so much on the approach, but for whatever reason we don’t follow up–or don’t follow up as well as we should. On the other side of the coin, some may follow up way too much to the point of being overbearing. Finding a balance in the “follow up” is very tricky in Network Marketing.

Each person who struggles with the follow up has a different reason. Some might mess up by not getting a firm commitment for a follow up.  Others just prejudge their prospects, thinking their is no way they’ll be interested.  Some of you may even be scared to follow up while others may just be lazy. Whatever the reason, failing to follow up can derail even the best of leaders.


I can’t tell you how many MLM’s I’d been called about where I was somewhat interested but they never followed up with me. It happened in all 11 MLM meetings I went to. Had the person who approached me been better at following up, there is a decent chance that I may have joined one or two of those companies. But since no one ever followed up with me, I never got involved any further.


Here is some insight.  If you truly believe in what you are doing then you will follow up!  You can tell your prospect how passionate you are,  you can tell them how confident you are–but it doesn’t work unless you actually show it.

Think about it.  If you truly have something that you feel would be a benefit for your prospect you will follow up.  If you don’t, then you won’t.  At least that’s what your prospects will think. People aren’t following your knowledge. Above all else they are following your vision and commitment.


So the first point:  When you are following up with a prospect, don’t start out by asking questions.  Don’t ask, “So what do you think about this new venture?”  “What questions do you have?” Don’t say anything like that.

GET THEIR INTEREST BACK up before you ask questions. Now why would I say that??  On a scale 1 to 10, let’s just say a prospect is at 7 when they meet with you.  When you call back who knows where their head is at.  They could have had a friend bad mouth network marketing.  They could have read some nonsense on the Internet.  They could just have cold feet and massive fear.  You must empower the prospect and build their belief back up before you ask questions! I say that because once someone says “no” they will defend that position to the death. Once they say they aren’t interested, THEY ARE GONE!! Get their interest high before you ask questions!


Use a 3 way call.  Get them on a business overview call. Get them to an event. Get with them face to face.  Anyone of those options are helpful in building back their interest. If they live in your area build back their belief with your passion for the business.  Empower them and then get with them face to face.  This business used to be mostly done knee to knee, face to face.  Nowadays many try to take short cuts with technology. Technology has a purpose and can give you more leverage but there is still value in face to face meetings when at all possible. There is no substitute for building real relationships.


Take charge and tell people what to do! This is such an important principle.  Our whole lives we have been told what to do.  In school we are told what to do by our school teachers.  When we were younger our parents told us what to do. Then most of us get a job where we’re told what to do.  Our whole lives we’ve been told what to do.  Taking charge doesn’t mean you have to rude to someone or overbearing.  It is a principle of leadership.  People want to find leaders not followers.  And leaders KNOW what they want and where they are going!! If you are not that leader in this business then this is the one of the reasons for using a 3 way call. In the meantime practice becoming that person.

So again on the follow up call I would take charge.  I would remind them why THEY are interested and why THEY want to be apart of your business venture.  I would remind them why you’re excited to do this with THEM. I would talk as if they ARE going to do it.  CONFIDENCE and PASSION are vital to the follow up.  I can’t stress enough how being unsure will kill the follow up with so many prospects. If you’re already on board and still unsure, someone without the whole vision will definitely be unsure!


First off don’t leave more than one message.  I call from a different number and or text. If they haven’t called back you can use *67 and call from a blocked number.  If you still can’t get a hold of them after a few days I would leave what I have named “the callout” message.  Which is this “I am sure you have been way busy because you haven’t gotten back to me, which is unlike you.  I hope everything is alright.  Call me as soon as you can regardless of where your interest level is at.”  Now when they do call back, remember what we said before: Don’t ask or let them tell you where they are at until you first take charge and build back their belief system.


The next insight I would give for any follow up is posturing.   You don’t want to ever beg anyone to be a part of your business. With that said I have seen network marketers go the extreme where they posture themselves as huge leaders that act like they don’t need anyone. It makes them treat others with no value or importance and can come off as pure arrogance.  Another form of posturing is called the takeaway–where the strategy is that if you posture like the business is so big by taking it away (telling them it’s probably not for them) from others they will be more interested. I agree with this strategy to an extent except sometimes we take that so literally we take away the business before they even have a clue of what we are doing.  Meaning they don’t even know what it is you are doing.  You can not take away what you haven’t given them yet. So make sure that before you take it away you have at least given them what the gist of the business is.


Just because the average person will probably take multiple exposures before they sign up doesn’t mean that you have to expect that every time. Each prospect is an individual and unique. Don’t prejudge. The first company that I joined, I signed up the first time I saw the business.  Some will immediately understand what you are offering, some won’t.  One of your goals is to see where they are and get them going As Soon As Possible.  However fast that is.  For some it may be quick and for others it may take a long time. In the meantime the goal is to give your prospect as many exposures as possible. Keep focusing on getting your prospect more and more exposures.


I also want to give some last insight. You won’t be perfect and may be awful in your initial follow ups. Who cares?!! Everything worthwhile takes practice. Laugh it off. Figure out your mistakes. Get better and take action again. Massive action solves all fears. Walt Disney says, “The best way to get started is to start doing.”

Most of all, in any part of the process–ALWAYS MAKE IT FUN!  Joke around with your prospects. It is easier for someone to want to do what you are doing IF YOU ARE HAVING FUN WHILE YOU DO IT. Everyone naturally gravitates to happy and positive people. Be that leader and they’ll follow you wherever you’re going.