Entrepreneur vs Employee Mindset

employeevsentrepreneurStudies show that over 70% of Americans hate their jobs.  The majority of Americans say that they want their own business.  Every study I have ever seen on millionaires shows that over 70% own their own business.  The world has changed financially speaking.  More than ever people don’t feel like they have job security.  I have heard countless stories of employees that have given 20 plus years to their company only to be let go with very little to no severance package.  So why is it that most Americans don’t have their own business?  There are many reasons that come to mind.  Things such as start up costs, lack of expertise or knowledge, fear of failure, fear of success and on and on and on.

Network marketing hedges most of those risks.  You get the dream of being your own boss but with that dream comes a major weakness.  Most of us want to be our own boss but the truth is most of us don’t have the self discipline nor the vision to make our own business work.  There is a reason why so few have very successful businesses.  In network marketing you are helped to overcome many of the obstacles.  You don’t make this business happen by yourself but as a team.  What other type of business do you get to be around with so many other like minded successful positive individuals that will help you succeed for free?  In a typical job if you train someone to be better than you they get a promotion over you.  In the network marketing industry if you train someone to be as good or better than you both win.  They make more money as do you.

The dream of doing what you want when you want is THE WEAKNESS.  Ever since you were born you were probably told what to do.  Your parents told you what to do.  You go to school and your teachers told you what to do.  If you played sports your coach told you what to do.  At a job your boss tells you what to do.  So transitioning from the employee mindset of just following orders to the entrepreneur mindset isn’t easy.  You have to stay disciplined!!!  I hear from distributors and independent contractors on a daily basis that tell me how hard they are working.  Many of you are but others are WAITING for the business to just take off.  You can’t wait.  You have push this business forward.  The best question you can ask yourself is how many NEW people did you talk to today???  IF the answer is 0 then you weren’t working today.  When most people really assess how many new people they are talking to they realize that they really aren’t working as hard as they really thought they were.  Yes, there are other important aspects to the business but too many times distributors fill their days with busy work avoiding talking to new people at all cost.

The next part to being an entrepreneur is having long term vision.  Of course you must have short term urgency but the long term vision is a must.  You will inevitably get your butt kicked some months.  You will have an emotional rollercoaster of ups and downs just like any normal business would.  If you truly have the long term vision nothing will deter you from your goal.  Bad months won’t matter as much because you will be committed to doing whatever it takes to make your business happen!  I remember my 5th month in this industry.  My check was for less than $500 and I was working the business full-time.  The check being so low hurt me tremendously.  It was very difficult as I had lost momentum and some hope.  Instead of quitting I worked harder and smarter.  I wasn’t deterred by one bad month.  In this business I have learned that tough always triumphs good.  Those who are good sometimes quit after one bad month but those who are tough see this as a long term vision with short term urgency.  When I started this industry I saw it as a way to get out of the rat race.  A way to create a residual income.  A way to create time freedom to fulfill my passions.  I didn’t know how long it would take to build a residual income large enough to create that sought after financial freedom but I knew that if I built it right; I could be done financially speaking for the rest of my days.  That was my dream.  I wanted time freedom and I was WILLING to do whatever it took.  As an entrepreneur you will have to learn about delayed gratification.  Many times you will not receive as big of a check as you feel you deserve.  That is why I strongly recommend  what Jim Rohn teaches.  “Use your job to pay your bills and networking marketing to build your dreams.”  One of the most profound statements that I was ever taught was this.  Many times this business is the most underpaid business in the beginning but in the end it is the most overpaid business.  This statement is so true for so many.  Maintain your vision!

The question is how tough are you?  What’s your vision?  Is this business just a quick fix for you or are you truly committed?  Recommit yourself and have the whatever it takes attitude!  Rewrite your goals.  Put them somewhere you will see.  Be specific on the activity you will consistently do to achieve those goals.  Hit the reset button and make it happen.