Advanced Mini Course Recruiting Training

$67 $37

This advanced recruiting training is designed to HELP YOU…
Overcome your fears to make new contacts with CONFIDENCE
The best tips that will help you NAIL your invites and presentations with EASE
Sell in an AUTHENTIC WAY that doesn’t feel sleazy or uncomfortable
Create a sense of urgency WITHOUT being pushy.

Million Dollar Masterclass

$400 $97

In this training, I’ll teach you the EXACT strategy I used to sign up 17 new people in ONE DAY.
I will go step by step giving you the strategy that my 30 million dollar mentor taught me to launch
business. Network Marketing is an incredible industry but many just don’t know or understand
the strategies the successful use. They are timeless principles that will make an impact
immediately for many.

Along with The Fear of Loss Recruiting Strategy Training you will also receive the million dollar
list masterclass. List building is ESSENTIAL to network marketing but the truth is, million dollar
earners create and build their lists DIFFERENTLY. This training is with the great Lance Conrad.

Lance has trained hundreds of thousands of distributors around the world and has built teams in
40+ countries.

The Social Media Playbook for Network Marketers

$2602 Starting at $210

This is the course of all courses for social media. I will guarantee your money back if you don’t
think this is THE BEST social media course you have ever taken. CLICK on the link to check
out everything that is covered! There are 14 different modules inside this course. You will
never have to buy another social media course again.