Tips to help you C L O S E ! !

So often, when it comes to approaching others about our business, we make excuses. We quit on the person before even offering them the opportunity to join our business. Why?? They’re loaded and don’t need the money… They don’t have the money to get started… They’re so busy already… See what I mean?? We talk […]

Tired of crickets?🦗🦗Try this to GROW & REACH your audience

You’ve probably heard that going LIVE on FB is one of the best ways to grow your audience and to get your posts seen. But it can be so intimidating, right?    HERE ARE MY TOP 3 TIPS FOR OVERCOMING YOUR FEAR OF FB LIVES:   1. EMBRACE THE SUCK Getting started is the hardest […]

💰‼ Experts & 7-figure earners agree ‼💰 T H I S is the key to major success!!

Quick Question! Be honest!! Do you see yourself as a BUSINESS OWNER? Well guess what… YOU ARE! Time to show up as the PROFESSIONAL you are! Professionals in any network marketing business will agree on one thing: Having a solid plan for following up is the key ingredient to your success. If you aren’t following up and/or following […]

9 of YOUR Favorite FB Lives from the last 3 months

1 )HELP  Why your engagement on Facebook is dropping  The 7 deadly sins things that HURT  The Facebook Algorithm Updates and WHAT I have done to have my engagement go up each Algorithm Change HELP 😨Why your engagement on Facebook is dropping ⬇️The 7 deadly sins things that HURT 🗡 The Facebook AlgorithmUpdates and WHAT I have […]

3 Major Tips to Understand Before Dismissing Network Marketing

The first thing that most people think of when any network marketing organization is brought up is numbers north of 95%, which is apparently the number of people who failed in network marketing. In this video, I explain just how off these numbers and “facts” can be.  When numbers like that are thrown around, it’s […]

10 Proven Success Tips for All Network Marketers

Once you’ve chosen network marketing for your career, you’re in for a real challenge and a lot of excitement.  These 10 effective and proven tips will get you and your team some leverage in the network marketing scene.  The most crucial step to follow is talking to new people, as they are the lifeblood of the […]

The Top 8 Tips to Skyrocket Success on the Invite for New Prospects

Approaching new prospects can be intimidating especially if you’re just starting out with network marketing.  Learn to approach people from a business standpoint with these 8 effective tips!  Start getting prospects in your business right away by following these specific guidelines. Some ways to get started includes keeping your pitch brief to avoid wasting time […]

The 5 tips to Help You Master The Follow Up

It’s important to understand when you are being persistent vs being annoying.  The key is to not come off as too strong but to consistently follow up. With these 5 powerful tips, you’ll get the hang of following up with prospects and customers.  A quick follow-up with your client or prospects is important, it gives […]