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The Differences between Facebook Stories and Messenger Day

Before we proceed to the differences, let us consider the similarities between Facebook Stories and Messenger Days. They belong to the same platform, that is, Facebook, they have the same function and any post you may upload only stays for the next 24 hours. The difference is that any post you may upload on the […]

Use Facebook Messenger to Make Money

If you use Facebook Messenger properly you can make a lot of money.  I will give you several tips that you can apply on a daily basis that will help you increase sales in your business.  These tips will help you  to never run out of contacts and maximize Facebook Messenger! This video received over […]

How to go full-time in Network Marketing

Unless you go full-time in this business, you will not achieve success on any great level. Be it Warren Buffet or Bill Gates, the one thing all financially successful people have in common is their ability to focus. It’s not necessarily the amount of time you are putting in that matters but the amount of […]