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Interview with Emma Privilege

Emma Privilege has 👇 Coached thousands at events! 👏 Coached thousands online in group coaching Over 150 private coaching clients Check out our interview and LEARN FROM THE BEST !

Is the “opportunity video” killing your business?

Who do you know that’s a six- and seven-figure earner that made it there by sending opportunity videos? I’m going to guess…not very many. How many of you joined a business because of an opportunity video? Anyone…? Probably not, because nobody does that. That particular tool doesn’t work the way we’ve been using it. Some of you may have had this thought […]

Interview with BRANDING EXPERT Whitney Taylor Husband

Whitney Taylor Husband is only 5 years into network marketing and has a team of over 400,000! ✊ Check out this interview, where she provides her AMAZING insight: ▪️How do you build and maintain a brand? ▪️How do you do it as a mother? ▪️How do you remain motivated? ▪️What do you do when things […]

Interview with 7-figure-earner, James Lavelle

Tune in as I interview 7-figure-earner, James Lavelle!! A little history about James: he was EXPELLED from school and told he would amount to NOTHING!!!! 😫 It might not be what you WANT to hear, but this is what most NEED to hear! He shares his Daily Method of Operation to secure success and what he […]

4 Tips to Get UNstuck

Everyone gets stuck.  It’s the nature of network marketing, and life in general. But think of it in sports terms, in this case, tennis. In tennis, you can play at the net, or you can play on the baseline.  But if you’re in between, stuck in the middle, you’re probably not playing really well. You’re not as successful as you could be in […]

12 Tips to GROW Your Business on FB!

Are you ready to GROW your business using Facebook? Check out these tips to help you increase your engagement, grow your audience, and maximize your social media reach!   12 Facebook Tips 👇   1. Friend 5 new people a day. Grow your influence. Grow your list. Don’t 🚫 add more than 10 new friends a day, or […]

Tips to help you C L O S E ! !

So often, when it comes to approaching others about our business, we make excuses. We quit on the person before even offering them the opportunity to join our business. Why?? They’re loaded and don’t need the money… They don’t have the money to get started… They’re so busy already… See what I mean?? We talk […]