Attraction Marketing ALONE Doesn’t Work

So, you’re doing all the Attraction Marketing things that are recommended, but you just aren’t growing like you feel you should be?

Well, here’s the thing . . .

Connecting with with prospects just isn’t enough!

It can even make it feel like Attraction Marketing doesn’t work!

If you’re “just checking in” on them or commenting on their posts or stories, you’ve taken the first step, but you can’t stop there.

No, that DOESN’T mean that it’s time to hit them hard with your business opportunity…not yet!! Honestly, it’s time to stop being obsessed with recruiting and selling products and to become obsessed instead with helping others!

Look for ways to add value to people’s lives!
This means sharing things that you’ve learned on your journey as an entrepreneur…you share what you’ve learned that has helped to make you better in the effort of helping someone be better.

When you share something with someone that changes the way they see things, gives them a new perspective, or encourages them to become a better parent, son, daughter, or friend, you literally change their life. And when this happens, they start to see you differently…

You become valuable to them.

Once this happens, you’ve moved beyond the connection and have built a genuine relationship. Once you have credibility and have established a genuine relationship, people are much more receptive to hearing about your products or business opportunity because they know they aren’t just “being sold!”
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