Social Media Tips to Increase Sales in Your Network Marketing Business

Let’s face it, we can post to social media consistently and at all the right times, but with no engagement, connecting with new people via social media becomes more difficult. And without new connections, your business won’t grow. 

If your posts aren’t getting the traction or engagement you were hoping for, then these 5 tips are for you:


1. Wish everyone a Happy Birthday 

  • Do it in FB Messenger
  • Do it the day before or after their Birthday to standout more
  • This will create recent interaction
  • You are being a good human!
  • It is a great reason to just say “hi”

So simple but so impactful



2. STOP 🛑 trying to be PERFECT 

I sometimes purposely find my worst freeze frame on THUMBNAILS, and use those for my FB lives! Why? People like REAL PEOPLE!! It makes you relatable!



3. If you want to create more VISIBILITY, do this:

  • Tag friends individually in the comments. So if you have 8 friends that you want to tag then create 8 comments and tag each one
  • Make sure when you tag them you create a genuine question or comment that goes along with your post
  • Reply to all of their comments

Do this, and you will create more engagement — and it will help create more visibility on your post!



4. Create recent interaction BEFORE you post 

  • One of the top factors to the FB algo is recent interaction
  • If you want MORE people to SEE your content, then go interact on others’ posts
  • You can’t RECEIVE without GIVING

Go spend at least 5 minutes quickly interacting BEFORE you post.



5. The MONEY is in Messenger 

  • Create a Daily goal to connect or reconnect with x amount of people everyday. It doesn’t take long
  • Just by doing this you are
    • Strengthening relationships
    • You should be reaching out to some of these contacts to look at your business or products
    • By reaching out via Messenger you are boosting your visibility on FB to those you reach out to. FB counts recent interaction heavily towards who sees your content

So just imagine reaching out to 10 people everyday that you have not spoken to in at least 2 months. Do this consistently and it’ll make a HUGE difference!

I can’t wait for you to implement these strategies and watch your visibility and engagement grow and increase over time!!



Oh, here’s a BONUS TIP!!


Be sure to use your social media stories!



Do you know how to use social media stories to INCREASE SALES?


When you attend my FREE Strategy Session, I will teach you the fundamentals about using your social media stories the RIGHT WAY!!


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  • Jackie

    I love the way you get your point across. You write so well and are such an encourager! Thank you.