Why Potential Recruits Keep Saying “NO”

As you already know, prospecting and recruiting are a huge part of our business…

And it can be frustrating, right?

Everything’s going along just fine until you mention the business opportunity with your company.

And then…


Here are the top 3 reasons prospects are saying no. And this is based on my experience in the NWM trenches as well as what I’ve seen and heard from others…

NUMBER 3: It’s just not their time. Now, hear me out on this because this is a hard one for those who work their business night & day or who have made huge sacrifices, right? Because it’s always the right time, and we make the time.

But you have to remember, your prospect may not have this mindset or may not understand this mindset yet. All he/she can see right now is the crazy, busy holiday season, the wedding, the graduation, the new baby…the list goes on and on.

So, clearly, you need a new approach. What information can you provide that will help your prospect to see the bigger picture. And if you’ve already provided this type of information, then it be best to move them to your “Follow Up” list and just give them some space.

Show respect for the fact that, “Now is just not a good time.” It shows that you are understanding and empathetic, the type of person and leader that they do want to work with…in the future.

NUMBER 2: Your communication and/or approach is holding them back. Remember, good leaders HAVE vision; great leaders GIVE vision. Don’t spend all of your time telling them about your business and opportunity.

Be sure to SHOW THEM! You definitely want your approach to match where your prospect is in their consideration of joining your team. Meet them where they are, and show them success stories that include people or situations that they can relate to.

Don’t be afraid to use 3rd-party validation. Maybe they just don’t relate to your story. The idea is to communicate that this is the perfect opportunity for THEM, so connect them to the information you are sharing in some way.

NUMBER 1: You aren’t really committed — The #1 reason that prospects tell you NO is because they do not see you as being committed to your business for the long haul…YET!

Sometimes, it can take weeks, months or even years for them to truly see you as a business owner.

If you aren’t consistent. If you don’t follow up. If you’re relatively new to your business. If you’ve taken a break from your business in the past.

Well, these things can keep prospects from jumping on board. Afterall, if you aren’t truly committed, how do you expect your prospects to commit?

Let them see your consistency and give them time!

Remember, it isn’t a marathon or a sprint.

It is a a bunch of short races. Sometimes we sprint, walk, or jog — but the key is PROGRESS!!

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