Is Network Marketing a Scam?


That’s a staggering and humbling statistic, isn’t it?

Before you throw your hands up or wave the white flag, let’s put this statistic in perspective…



1. Keep in mind that, when most people start their NWM business, they quit after getting 3 NOs.

It only takes 3 people who aren’t interested to make most walk away from their business all together.


And guess what they do once they quit.

They say…

Even though others within their very same organization are having complete success.



2. Leaders have to take some responsibility in this too…be sure to set the proper expectations.

It’s not…
Net lottery ticket marketing
Net hoping Marketing
Net wishing Marketing
Net dreaming Marketing


Instead, it’s…

Net WORK Marketing

It’s okay to pitch dreams but not to sell potentials on the idea that NWM “easy” or to give the impression that success is “guaranteed” or over-night.

NWM is very simple, but it’s not easy.



3. What’s the definition of failure when it comes to business?

Did you know that about 80% of ALL new businesses of any type fail within the first 5 years!

And 80% of the ones that make it during the first 5 years fail during the next 5 years!

So, every single business must be a scam then?

And these are businesses where it is required to invest a lot of time, money, blood, sweat, and tears in the way of start up costs.

Look at the percentage of athletes that make it to the NBA. According to, “For men, about three out of 10,000 male high school basketball players will be drafted into the NBA, or about .03 percent. For women, the numbers are similar. One out of 5,000 players, or .02 percent, will be drafted into the WNBA.”

So, the NBA and WNBA must be scams?



4. Do you realize that over 80% of Americans actually hate their jobs.

What are the odds of someone ever working their way to the top of a major company? Aren’t these companies’ business models structured like a pyramid?

I’m not calling corporate America a pyramid scheme, I’m simply pointing out that one has a lot less chance of making it to the top of corporate America than in NWM.

NWM doesn’t discriminate…
You are paid based on what you DO!

Not your education level…
Not where you went to school…
Not politics…
Not your current situation…
Not your age…

In NWM, you can make more money than the person above you. Now, I ask you to consider, does that EVER happen in corporate America??


I hope the perspective that I’ve shared in these 4 points will help you to feel confident when someone disputes the integrity of the NWM industry. I hope it arms you with information and facts…and, if it’s all info you’ve heard before, I hope it better equips you to help your team members to shift their perspective or increase their confidence! 


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