Double the Turn Out at Your Events!



In the beginning, I felt like only about 20% of those who committed would actually show up for events — whether the event was in person or online.



Events could be prospecting get togethers, online trainings, product demonstrations…it didn’t matter.

The turn out was about the same — even after people had committed!


I even followed up with them personally to make sure they were still able to attend: Hey Julie!! Are you still coming to the _______ tonight? 

Then I realized, not only was I creating doubt as to whether they would attend, but I was also giving them an out.



So, here’s what I started to do instead…


I started to send an assumptive text:

Hey Julie! Thank you so much for making time to _____. I know you’re extremely busy, and it means a ton to me that you’re going to join me.


Some may say that this is manipulative…but why?

  • She’s already committed to attending…
  • I’m not tricking her in any way.
  • I’m just not giving her the space to make an excuse.

Instead, I am choosing to assume it and confirm it with gratitude!! I assume that she’s attending (because she said she would), and I confirm it by appreciating her attendance in advance!


Try this mindset shift, and let me know what happens in the comments for this post!!



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