Is the “opportunity video” killing your business?

Who do you know that’s a six- and seven-figure earner that made it there by sending opportunity videos? I’m going to guess…not very many.

How many of you joined a business because of an opportunity video? Anyone…? Probably not, because nobody does that.

That particular tool doesn’t work the way we’ve been using it.

Some of you may have had this thought before, but the practice seems to continue.  If we know it’s not working, let’s find an alternative. There isn’t anything wrong with using videos, but we have to do it correctly.

Here’s how I think it goes wrong: leaders often start out with a lot of third-party validations. But eventually the group grows and leaders use the video to reach “more people.” It’s simple and easy. Honestly, sometimes, this is the leaders doing something selfish, because while they may not close as much, they will close a few deals.  And that might be enough for them.

But we can do better! 

The video itself is not going to close the deal. Tools, like videos, have a place. But they are not a replacement of good, old-fashioned people skills. They will never replace your face, personality, salesmanship.

So then what’s the best use of a video? They are great as an additionalvalidation. But the video won’t do the work for you.It’s just an aid, a helper.

YOU are the most important part of the system! 

Now that we’ve covered that, I know you’re asking: how should I use a video? Think of your team/company style, skills, and strategy.  Send a personal message along with the video, and treat it like a preview…tell them that it will not give them a real taste…it is just a small little piece of the puzzle.

It might activate the excitement, but if you really want them to join your business, be honest about it.  Be straight up with people. Tell them you think they will be interested. And tell them that there is MORE!

Most of the time, the recipient of your message has one goal: to see just enough to be able to say, “No, thanks.”

Remember, you’re not trying to get into the N.F.L. (no friends left) zone.  Let them know up front that you won’t be over-bearing with your message.  Your goal is to be confident, but not annoying about it.   

Again, videos are a tool and all tools have a place, and are helpful if used correctly. If you’re a leader, teach your teams how to properly send the video.  Everyone on your team has to have tools and know how to use them to maximize effectiveness. Too many of us are killing our business by sending the video without the “how to” behind it.

Learn to be a blend between the old-school,where your personality is what does most of the work, and the new-school method of network marketing, taking advantage of social tools like videos, with the right introduction and information  to increase your engagement and productiveness.

We cover this topic (and many more) inside the TGON Nation course, where I, along with several million dollar earners, give our unique perspectives and tips for success every week. Unfortunately, TGON Nation ( is currently closed, but I will keep you posted as to when it will reopen.

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