Interview with Kirsten Pearce, who has team members in over 100 countries!

In this FB LIVE, I interview network marketing superstar, Kirsten Pearce! 

He’s been full-time in the network marketing business for 10 years! 
– has team members in over 100 countries
– has the highest ranked leaders in their company on the African continent! 
– is a second-generation networker!

Learn from this network marketing superstar Kirsten Pearse! 🔥How to FLIP the Switch when you are getting your BUTT kicked!What all successful people doBeen full time for 10 years 👊- Team in over 100 countries 👀- Highest ranked leaders in their company on the African continent 🚀- Second generation networker 😎

Posted by Rob L. Sperry on Friday, September 14, 2018

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  • Oh….you just reduced my stress level. I am a part of a network marketing company, and I was trying to understand how the binary plan works. Your insight, opinions and what you shared here is awesome. With your permission, I plan to share with my team at our next team meeting. Maybe then we will grow our business to the next level. Of course I will be sure to include your name as the source with a link to this blog. Again, thank you this was awesome.

    By trade I am a trainer and speaker, and for the life of me, what I was reading before was just not making sense or registering with me. Now it is loud and clear.