4 Tips to Get UNstuck

Everyone gets stuck

It’s the nature of network marketing, and life in general.

But think of it in sports terms, in this case, tennis. In tennis, you can play at the net, or you can play on the baseline.  But if you’re in between, stuck in the middle, you’re probably not playing really well. You’re not as successful as you could be in either location because you’re stuck.

Sometimes, that happens in network marketing too.  So today, we’re focusing on how to get out of “no man’s land.”  

Many people end up in “no man’s land” because of a very specific personality trait that can plague your business AND your life.

The number one cause of failure is indecision. 

Are you indecisive?

If you are indecisive, you will fail.  Navigating life is hard enough even when you’ve made the decision.  If you are unsure, then you are going to have a hard time finding success in anything, but especially in network marketing.

Once you’ve made the decision, do it! 

When I first started in network marketing, I found myself in “no man’s land,” making less than four hundred dollars a month, and I was thinking to myself, “Did I make a mistake? Is this really not for me?

Then I realized that I was working 80-hour weeks, but I wasn’t actually working. I wasn’t doing the actions that would make money.  I was just in management mode.  I wasn’t really committed

Everyone can find themselves in “no man’s land” but remember that your level of commitment will determine your success! Once you (and your brain) are fully committed, you will start to see results.
But how do you get out of “no man’s land?” Follow the four tips below:  

Tip #1: Schedule an all-out blitz day! I(f it’s going to be, it’s up to me.)  Schedule a blitz day for yourself, set a number, and don’t quit until you’ve made the required number of new contacts.  Ask!! Not indirectly, but directly.  Get people to try your product.

Tip #2: Do a team blitz day! (Speed of the leader, speed of the pack). Do it with your team, downline, upline, etc. The beginning of the month is a great time to schedule a team blitz day, since the calendar naturally creates urgency as the end of the month approaches. But we can create our own urgency by mindfully scheduling a blitz day at the beginning to get the month started off strong.

Tip #3: Go on a gratitude blitz. (Your vibe attracts your tribe.) You want your brain to focus on what you love about network marketing.  Ideally, you’re already thinking about one or two things every day that you love about your job.  Do this strategically and often throughout a 24-hour period. Focus on why things are going to go well and how things will get better, and remember,  it’s impossible to be grateful and unhappy at the same time. Focus on gratitude!

Tip #4: Have a conversation with yourself and take notes! List why you’re excited about the business. List your dreams versus fears.  Are your fears beating your dreams? It’s normal and natural to have fears and insecurities, but you won’t be fully committed until you know that you deserve all the success that can come to you in this business.

These four tips are great, and they will work, but true knowledge requires application. That’s why the first two tips are action steps. If you know everything and do nothing, then you know nothing!

Make sure your chief aim, your deeper purpose, is written down and make it a practice to read it out loud EVERY DAY.  Be deliberate and methodical and help your brain decide to commit.  Compensation always catches up to skillset and effort, but it’s almost always massively delayed! You need your brain to understand that it is a done deal…you just have to give it the time necessary for the compensation to catch up to you.

You can make excuses, or you can make money, but you can’t do both.Get out there and make it happen! Use these tips to help yourself or anyone on your team get out, and stay out, of “no man’s land.”

We cover this topic (and many more) inside the TGON Nation course, where I, along with several million dollar earners, give our unique perspectives and tips for success every week. Unfortunately, TGON Nation ( is currently closed, but I will keep you posted as to when it will reopen.

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