Experts & 7-figure earners agree – THIS is the key to major success!!

Quick Question!

Be honest!!

Do you see yourself as a BUSINESS OWNER?

Well guess what…


Time to show up as the PROFESSIONAL you are!

Professionals in any network marketing business will agree on one thing: Having a solid plan for following up is the key ingredient to your success. If you aren’t following up and/or following up consistently, you truly are working as an amateur in your own business and are NOT working your business to its true potential.

Scary, right? 

What if you never do these sales follow ups?

If you simply don’t follow up with leads or prospects, you could be missing out on 80% of the people you could be sharing your products and business with — and potentially recruiting.

MOST people are NOT going to purchase or join in the very first conversation, so be sure to work a smart follow up plan!

Here are some tips to consider as you develop your follow up plan: 

1.  Be consistent

2.  Don’t wait. Urgency is synonomous with wealth.  Make sure to always have your follow up scheduled from your last contact. Use your paper calendar, make a list, set reminders in your phone, create a spreadsheet…whatever works for YOU!

3.  Remember: MOST won’t buy your products or join your business during the first conversation! Following up sounds simple and like common sense, but takes a lot of consistent discipline.Have that vision and then execute it by being intentional.

Still need help, ideas, or support in developing your follow up plan?

We cover this topic (and many more) inside the TGON Nation course, where I, along with several million dollar earners, give our unique perspectives and tips for success every week. Unfortunately, TGON Nation ( is currently closed, but I will keep you posted as to when it will reopen.

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