The Top 8 Tips to Skyrocket Success on the Invite for New Prospects

Approaching new prospects can be intimidating especially if you’re just starting out with network marketing.  Learn to approach people from a business standpoint with these 8 effective tips!  Start getting prospects in your business right away by following these specific guidelines.

Some ways to get started includes keeping your pitch brief to avoid wasting time for both you and your prospect.  Keeping the prospect interested in your product or service is your primary goal while issuing that invite to them.

Watch to find out some more effective methods!

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My top 8 tips to skyrocket 🚀 your SUCCESS 🤛 on THE INVITE for new prospects I'll teach you how I created 45,000 in sales (10 years ago) in my first 3 weeks in network marketingStay TUNED for part 2 The Follow Up

Posted by Rob Sperry on Monday, October 30, 2017