Why Sending People to Your Company’s Opportunity Video is Killing Your Busine

The greatest weapon you have in your arsenal is Authenticity. Don’t waste the image and perception of your company by handing out and literally telling everyone to join your business as some sort of a favor. I, personally can’t stand this certain fact and don’t understand the point of opportunity videos.

In my video, I become a little-animated talking about why sending people to your company’s opportunity video might be killing your business. If you agree with my opinion please feel free to comment and let me know. Enjoy guys!

Why sending people to your companies opportunity video is KILLING 🗡 your businessWhat SOME uplines aren't telling 🙈 you ….. or don't know or…. aren't teaching very well This will make a bunch of industry leaders mad 😠 but needs to be said

Posted by Rob Sperry on Wednesday, August 23, 2017