4 Solutions for Improving Your Upline

In this video, I explain 4 solutions to keep your upline running. I talk about what focus you need to have and which areas you need to improve on to have your upline up there.

Firstly, take responsibility for your actions! Don’t blame other variables, rather take your own responsibility. Secondly, don’t take it personally. Be pragmatic, simple as that. Tip number three, create ground rules. Try to become master communicators which will propel your upline. Tune into my video for the last tip! But whatever you do, stop whining about your situations and take actions. Focus on your own world and getting annoyed!

But……my upline sucks and is preventing me from making more 💲💲💲 😠I have 4 solutions ✊Many will disagree 🚫 with #4 but I explain why

Posted by Rob Sperry on Thursday, August 17, 2017