Partnerships in Network Marketing: Is it a good decision?

Are partnerships a good decision in the field of network marketing? In many other businesses, joint ventures become extremely successful and are usually the wise thing to do. However, in this video I’ll explain why network marketing partnerships are almost always a disaster.

My own failed partnership has taught me that network marketing is usually not the place for partnerships. I gloss over questions like when you should become partners with someone else in network marketing. It is vital to know when to partner up and jump ship, watch and learn!

PARTNERSHIPS are almost always a DISASTER in network marketing 🙈When should you become partners 🤝 with someone else in NWM?This is vital to know for many of YOU but definitely if you want be a GREAT LEADER and teach your teams properly I have had FAILED partnerships 😑I have had SUCCESSFUL partnerships 🚀

Posted by Rob Sperry on Thursday, August 3, 2017