Why Snapchat is YOUR #1 asset as an Entrepreneur this year! By Dallin Wardrop

Why Snapchat is YOUR #1 asset as an Entrepreneur this year!

It’s About To Get Real
The separation between who is legit and who is not is about to get real. Thousands of entrepreneurs are posting their products and/or opportunity on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. It is an epidemic. So-called ‘Entrepreneurs’ are still trying to use push marketing in a world where only pull works.

There are so many pictures on these different platforms of successful people driving nice cars, living in big homes and using product to achieve amazing results. Who really knows who is posting this content? It could be the most unsuccessful entrepreneur of all time (it usually is) and they are still trying to get your attention by shoving content down your throat. Content that may not even be theirs. Are you as sick of this as I am?

The separation between the best and the rest is so real on Snapchat because ‘snaps’ are real personal moments. It is actually the real life of the person snapping. Sure, they can choose what you see, but more than ever you can be a part of their actual life. This is an opportunity so you can show people more about what you do and why you do it.

Many of you may be thinking why any of this matters. This is a big deal right now because the engagement rate on Snapchat is blowing all of the other platforms out of the water. People are watching and engaging on Snapchat.

Snapchat gives so much freedom to its users, from sending pictures and videos about ‘their REALITY’ to chatting via text or live video. This is a platform where I personally have been able to chat with two of my biggest hero’s Lewis Howes and Gary Vaynerchuk.

How Snapchat is a TOOL
You are going to be able to share with your friends, family and followers what your life is actually like and how good your products really are. Whether you are focused on finding more customers or just promoting your business, your Snapchat Story can share and reveal anything you want it to… and the crazy part is people will ACTUALLY WATCH IT.

I recently asked my Instagram followers from @dallinwardrop_lifestyle to go and follow me on Snapchat. Of those who actually went and followed me around 90% of them watch My Story every single day. Imagine the impact that could have on your business if you were able to show people that follow you either your lifestyle or your product/service every single day.
What you NEED TO DO
Here are the top things you need to do to be successful on Snapchat in 2016
⦁ Allocate some time to learning the platform
⦁ YouTube How-To Videos
⦁ Let people know you are on Snapchat
⦁ Tell your loyal followers on other social media platforms
⦁ Tell your friends and family
⦁ Be real
⦁ Snapchat isn’t a place to hype… It’s a place to be real. Let people in on the real reason you love your product or service.
⦁ Be consistent
⦁ Don’t start unless you are actually going to let people in on the ride.
⦁ Provide value
⦁ Content is King

Note: There is no way to find new people within Snapchat, so you need to use the other platforms where you are influential to drive people to find you.

Snapchat will be your #1 asset this year as you let people in and tell your story. We are in the business of telling stories and there is no better way to tell your story in 2016 then Snapchat.

Dallin Wardrop
IG: @DallinWardrop_Lifestyle

If you want to know more about me (The Author) just scan the photo below in Snapchat and follow my story.

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